Air America Log information

For date 680229

AIR AMERICA was a Air America unit
Primary service involved, Air America
South Vietnam
Description: What follows is an edited version of an article printed in Air America Log, the company newspaper dated February, 1968. The article is titled Message From Management, LETS SAVE A BUCK. We are rapidly reaching an economic plateau. Our customers' funds have been cut - therefore their requirements of AAM have lessened. So it is good common sense for us to save a buck. The Company, to become increasingly efficient in serving its customers, always seeks to up-grade its equipment - like switching increasingly to jet-powered machines. Would you believe that 32% of our fleet is turbine powered? We've converted 14 piston-powered twin Beeches to Volpar turbo-props. And we operate 26 turbo-prop Porters. While, in the rotary wing division, we fly eleven turbine-powered 204Bs and five spanking new 205s - big brothers to the 204Bs. To say nothing of C-123 #55-4555 which was recently converted to a jet-assist K Model.

The source for this information was Copied from original newspaper located at UTD library by Mike Law 12/97

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