unit history information

For date 680504

Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Saigon
Description: The II Field Force Vietnam quarterly ORLL reported that throughout the area around Saigon, friendly forces were inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy in almost continuous engagements, but the enemy still pursued his desperate attempt to enter Saigon, placing heaviest pressure on the western accesses. Infiltration by small groups also took place, mainly through the west fringes of the city. Infiltration was conducted by various means. Some dressed in ARVN uniforms traveled by boat or vehicle into the CMD at night. In one instance an element attempted to infiltrate by hiding in a large box placed in the bed of a truck and covered with bricks. The attempt failed since the arrangement provided insufficient ventilation and the personnel inside suffocated. Many of the infiltration groups were detected and apprehended before they penetrated beyond the edge of the city.

The source for this information was II Field Force Vietnam quarterly ORLL period ending 31 July 1968 from Walker Jones P:23

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