unit history information
for VMC

For date 680505

VMC was a Undefined unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Newport Brigde
Description: The II Field Force Vietnam quarterly ORLL reported that at 0400H the enemy drive on Saigon started, with primary attacks coming from the west and north and diversionary attacks on the east. The attempt to take Saigon began with a pre-dawn mortar attack on the Newport Bridge followed by a ground attack by elements of the 4th LF and the 2/SR 4 Bns. The mortar attack failed to damage the bridge and the ground attack was halted by the 5th RVN Marine Bn. An hour later the Binh Loi Bridge was attacked by elements of the K1 and K3 Bn of the Dong Nai Regt. The contact ended at 1700H when the enemy was repulsed by the 6th RVN Marine Bn. Elements of the VC 3d LF Bn plus one sapper company dressed in RVN Marine uniforms infiltrated into the southern edge of the city in the Tan My Tay area but were stopped after suffering heavy losses.

The source for this information was II Field Force Vietnam quarterly ORLL period ending 31 July 1968 from Walker Jones P:23

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