unit history information
for 37 ARRS

For date 680512

37 ARRS was a US Air Force unit
Primary service involved, US Air Force
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Kham Duc
Description: The 3d ARRG quaterly unit history contains a photo and short narrative titled Three Soldiers Rescued in Kham Duc Region. Eight Jolly Green crew members of the 37th ARRS are all smiles after rescuing three Army soldiers isolated in an area near Kham Duc. The crew that recovered the first two soldiers is: Captain Harry W. Hagan, Jr., 33, Seattle, WA; Sergeant Martin E. Roepstorff, 21, Sebring, FL; Staff Sergeant Elmer L. Holden, 24, Oklahoma City, OK; killed on later mission, and Major Billy J. Wingfield, 34, Nixon, TX. The other crew that recovered the last man out included, Staff Sergeant John Eariques, 27, Duluth, MN; Sergeant Angus C. McDougall, 23, Arlington Heights, IL; Captain Ronald G. Spray, 32, Long Beach, CA; and Major Dale L. Oderman, 33, Eugene, OR. The history shows a photo of Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth D. Caughron, 45, La Crosse, WI, the commander of the 37th ARRS, congratulating three A-1H Skyraider pilots for their excellant air strikes in support of the Jolly Greens rescues. The Skyraiders were from the 6th Air Commando Squadron based at Pleiku.
Comments: LTC Caughron, Kenneth D.; 37th ARRS CO; ; CPT Hagan, Harry W. Jr.; pilot; ; SGT Roepstorff, Martin E.; ; ; SSG Holder, Elmer L.; ; ; MAJ Wingfield, Billy J.; pilot; ; SSG Eariques, John; ; ; SGT McDougall, Angus C.; ; ; CPT Spray, Ronald G.; pilot; ; MAJ Oderman, Dale L.; pilot; ;

The source for this information was 3 ARRG 1 Apr - 30 Jun 68 History

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