mission report information
for HA(L)-3

For date 680514

HA(L)-3 was a US Navy unit
ST-2 was a US Navy unit
Primary service involved, US Navy
Chau Doc Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Location, 12 miles south of Chau Doc
Description: A SEAL Team Two platoon set an ambush along a reported VC infiltration route and soon discovered their intelligence was quite accurate when they engaged an 82-man enemy force. The VC had the SEALs pinned down in a graveyard for four hours who beat back several attempts to overrun their force. Just as it seemed the Americans were finished, a HA(L)-3 team arrived and, with artillery support, drove the enemy back across the border. Enemy KIAs - 24; US - zero.

The source for this information was SEALs by Bosiliejevac P:96

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