mission report information
for HA(L)-3

For date 680514

HA(L)-3 was a US Navy unit
ST-2 was a US Navy unit
Primary service involved, US Navy
Dinh Tuong Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Location, 13 miles east of My Tho
Description: A SEAL Team Two platoon patrolled until they found a large barracks build in an enemy base camp. Inside were 30 VC asleep with their weapons and equipment. A started VC sentry discovered the team and a vicious fireight at point-blank range broke out. Although half the VC were quickly killed, the SEALs suffered five WIAs and evaded as a large number of VC attempted to pursue. The SEALs moved about 1K, hid and called for support. HA(L)-3 responded. The SEALs marked their positon with tracer fire by shooting into the air; the helicopters pinpointed them and swooped in for the recovery. Subsequent artillery fire and air strikes were called in to demolish the camp.

The source for this information was SEALs by Bosiliejevac P:91

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