Pacific Stars and Stripes information

For date 680517

Primary service involved, US Army
Tay Ninh Province, III Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Nui Ba Den
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Viet Reds Overrun U.S. Camp." Saigon (UPI) - Communist troops overran and partially destroyed a Special Forces outpost about 55 miles northwest of Saigon Monday. Communications with the camp were sporadic Wednesday night, about 48 hours after the attack, but U.S. spokesman said it was still in American hands. The camp, chiefly a communications relay point because of its towering position over miles of flat, green paddy land is operated by the U.S. 25th Inf Div. backed up the Special Forces. (AP reported Communists troops attacked from caves in the mountain side, storming the camp which sits atop a 3,000 foot peak, and broke through a section of the perimeter. Before the Communists could be driven out with the help of American gunships, they destroyed several buildings in the camp, including the communications bunker.) The camp has been surrounded by Viet Cong for several years, most of them occupying the sides of Black Widow Mountain, while the Americans occupied the peak. There had been relatively little activity until late Monday and early Tuesday, when the Red troops struck. Nineteen American were killed and 24 wounded in the three-hour battle, according to U.S. spokesmen. The Communists left behind 25 dead. In other war developments:

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