Army Reporter information
for D/1/10 CAV 4 INF

For date 680525

D/1/10 CAV 4 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Pleiku Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Camp Enari
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Ivy Crew Chief Chases One, Gets 12 NVA - Rocket Cache" dated 25 May 1968. A 4th Inf Div helicopter crew chief recently jumped from his ship, overcame the enemy's fire superiority and initiated an action which cost the enemy 12 dead and a lethal arsenal. The arsenal included 20 122mm rockets, seven AK-47s and three 75mm recoilless rifles in addition to assorted ammunition. Operating a VR mission 10 miles west of Camp Enari, a helicopter from D/1/10th Cav spotted an NVA soldier hiding in a large thicket and went down to investigate. As the helicopter touched down, SP5 Thomas J. Ewing, the ship's CE, and his door gunner and a Chieu Hoi interpreter dismounted. They set out to catch what they thought was a single foe. Moments later the three men located and took under fire a far larger number than they had anticipated. The three men reeled, all wounded from the initial barrage. It did not stop Ewing, however. He let loose with a steady stream of M16 fire, and after firing his last shell, returned to the ship to get more. Acquiring the ammunition, the crew chief made his way toward the wounded Chieu Hoi. He lifted the wounded Vietnamese and carried him back to the helicopter, dodging intense enemy fire. Then Ewing realized he was once again low on M16 ammunition. He grabbed an M60 machinegun from the helicopter and went back in the direction of the wounded door gunner. His friend, however had died. Soon the cavalry's aero-rifle platoon, led by 1LT Robert J. Young, was inserted, made immediate contact and completed the routing of the enemy force. When the platoon later swept the area, it uncovered the arsenal of rockets. "It was mainly through Ewing's efforts that we were able to contain the enemy in the immediate area," said WO Riford W. Fowler. The crew chief was given credit for killing four of the NVA.
Comments: SP5 Ewing, Thomas J.; D/1/10 CAV CE; ; 1LT Young, Robert J.; D/1/10 CAV ARP LDR; ; WO Fowler, Riford W.; D/1/10 CAV pilot; ;

The source for this information was 6805AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines

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