Battle for Katum information
for A-322 SF DET

From date 680818 to 680925

A-322 SF DET was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Tay Ninh Province, III Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Katum SF Camp
Description: The 5th VC Sapper Battalion rocketed and then assaulted the SF CIDG camp. The VC, dressed in black shorts and camouflaged tunics, used automatic rifles, hand-held rocket launchers, and gas grenades as the penetrated the outer berm but were forced to retreat by overwhelming defensive firepower. They regrouped and surged forward again. The battle on the 18th raged for ten hours before the VC were defeated. Camp Katum was pounded by 82mm mortar shelling and 122mm rockets throughout the following week. During one ten-minute period, over 150 mortar rounds hit the compound. Initially the camp was reinforced by the 1st Battalion, 3d Mobile Strike Force. During the latter part of August and all through September, the camp was subjected to constant artillery and rocket bombardment. Just before 0300H on 25 September, the camp was blistered by a savage rocket and mortar barrage, with over 100 RPGs fired into identified CIDG positions. Half an hour later the 5th VC Sapper Battalion made another determined assault. Within 15 minutes the northwestern star point fell as VC flamethrowers and satchel charges were used to tear down bunkers. The camp's 105mm howitzers fired cannister charges at point-blank range into the VC. A prompt CIDG counterattack routed the remaining VC and the threat to Katum was ended. Casualties were KIA: 14 CIDG, 1 civilian; WIA: 17 CIDG and NVA loses were 61 confirmed dead plus 10 prisoners.

The source for this information was Green Berets at War P: 202

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