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For date 680824

HMM-262 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Incident reference: 68082426.BAT This information is available on CD-ROM.
Quang Tri Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Description: The HMM-262 Association historian replied with the following when asked for details about Lt Wyatt and Lcpl Ryland. As far as I can tell, Ryland and Wyatt died in the same aircraft, though it is possible that this is not true. There is a rather confused entry in the Command Chronology that is about a page and a half long. Lt "Woody" Goble was the wingman on a flight led by Major Harvey Britt to extract the division recon team "Tender Rancho" at TA YD181262. The assumption can be made that Lt Wyatt was Goble's copilot, for reasons that will become clear as the story continues. Before the extract it was decided to insert a the first platoon of D/1/1 Marines instead. During the insert attempt at 1930H, the flight began to take fire from multiple .50 cal machine guns. This attempt was aborted until fixed wing and UH-1 gunships could work the zone over. Meanwhile the recon team was receiving heavy mortar and small-arms fire in the zone. At 2000H the flight began its second approach to the zone without any fixed wing or gunship support. Both aircraft received heavy small arms fire and mortar fire while in the zone. Three of Lt Goble's crew were wounded as were two of the embarked troops on their departure. The fire knocked out one of Goble's engines. Goble unloaded his crew except for the crewchief and made a single engine takeoff. (This is where I get my assumption that Wyatt must have been the copilot, since it appears that the copilot was too disabled to assist in the flight.) Goble returned to the base and obtained another aircraft (thought to be BuNo 154022) with the intention of continuing the lift. During the next approach at 2055H he crashed in the zone due to uncertain causes. At this point, Major Britt led a flight of three, consisting of himself, Major Don Waunch, and Capt W E Brian to continue the lift from Charlie 2. Harvey Britt was able to enter the zone and evacuate 12 emergency WIAs from the zone under heavy fire. Major Waunch's aircraft received heavy damage and he was returning to the base for another aircraft when the Commanding Officer decided to call off the operation. By the time that the lift was terminated, we had inserted 95 troops into the zone. We lost one aircraft, three aircraft had extensive damage, six crewmen had been wounded, and Ryland and Wyatt were dead. I was there at the time, having just arrived and was not yet the squadron commander. I remember the event, but not the details. I think, at best, we were all confused, and this is about as complete a report as we could hope for. Submitted by Neil Allen, October 1999
Comments: LTC Allen, A. Neil; pilot; ; MAJ Britt, Harvey; pilot; ; MAJ Waunch, Don; pilot; ; CPT Brian, W.E.; pilot; ; 1LT Goble, "Woody"; pilot; ; 1LT WYATT CHARLES REMBERT; pilot; KIA; KIAOF; LCP RYLAND WILLIAM PATRICK; CE; KIA; KIACM;

The source for this information was Email from Neil Allen

Additional information is available on CD-ROM.

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