unit history information
for 361 AWC
665 TC DET

For date 680831

361 AWC was a US Army unit
665 TC DET was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Pleiku Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Camp Holloway
Description: The maintenance section of the 361st AWC history reported for August, the first full utilization of the AH-1G, an availability rate of 68% with 626 hours flown. During the last week of August, maintenance operations moved again, to its fixed facility. Four buildings, housing office spaces, Allied Shops and Tech Supply were acquired, as well as hangar spaces for three aircraft. On 1 September, operations from the Christmas Tree ceased and the vagabonds of South Vietnam finally had a home. The following two months to conclude their first year of activation were filled with headaches and heartaches as the problems of the new, untested aircraft kept cropping up, causing consternation, hard work and down time. Availability for the AH-1G for the two months of Aug and Sep averaged 65% with a total time flown of 1,160 hours.
Comments: CPT Michel, George; 665th CO; ; CW2 Baxley, Allen D.; ; ; SFC Wildes, Charles R.; 665th 1st Sgt; ;

The source for this information was Unit history provided by Betty Lou Jordan

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