Americal Daily News Sheets information
for 23 INF DIV
123 AVN

For date 680928

23 INF DIV was a US Army unit
123 AVN was a US Army unit
F/8 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Chu Lai
Description: The following is an edited version from the Americal Daily News Sheets Vol. 2. No. 163 September 29 CHU LAI (AMERICAL IO) - Action was light and scattered in the southern portion of I Corps Tactical Zone yesterday, Americal Division forces reported six NVA and 18 VC killed, one crew-served and two individual weapons captured, one NVA captured, and 14 suspects detained. Scattered fighting in the 11th Inf. Bde's. area of operations yesterday resulted in nine VC killed and 11 suspects detained. Troops of the 1st Bn., 20th Inf. operating with "Aero Scouts" of the 123d Avn. Bn. accounted for six VC killed and five suspects detained yesterday. In the first action the two forces combined to kill four VC evading into a cave near a beach 10 miles northeast of Quang Ngai City. The other two VC were killed in separate actions near abandoned railroad tracks 12 miles north of Quang Ngai City. One of the VC killed was wearing a green uniform. The other was killed when the unit spotted and engaged a group of VC. The group was traveling to the southwest of the area where an engineer unit had just received fire. In that contact five VC suspects were also detained. One of the detainees had pack marks on his back. An OP of the 1st Bn., 20th Inf. spotted three VC near huts eight miles west of Quang Ngai City. The "Sykes Regulars" called in artillery from the 6th Bn., 11th Arty., killing all three. In other action a recon. plt. from the 4th Bn., 3d Inf. detained two VC suspects without ID cards in a hut seven miles south of Duc Pho. A 4th Bn., 3d Inf. company detained another VC suspect without an ID card among rice paddies near the same site. Another 4th Bn., 3d Inf. company detained three VC suspects near a beach four miles southeast of Duc Pho. In operation Wheeler/Wallowa, "Charger" units of the 196th Inf. Bde. killed eight VC yesterday. A 2d Bn., 1st Inf. company engaged and killed with small arms fire a VC evading 10 miles southwest of Hoi An. Another 2d Bn., 1st Inf. company was led to a dead VC by a Vietnamese boy yesterday. The boy said the VC had been wounded by the unit the day before. A 4th Bn., 21st Inf. company received automatic weapons fire yesterday nine miles west of Tam Ky. The "Gimlets" returned fire with small arms. After the firing ceased, the unit searched the area. The "Gimlets" spotted a VC hiding in a spider hole. The enemy was engaged and killed with M-26 grenades. In an area centered nine miles southwest of Hoi An, a recon. plt of the 4th Bn., 21st Inf. killed two VC. Blue Ghosts" of "F" Trp., 8th Cav., working with the 2d Bn., 1st Inf., observed three evading VC. The gunship engaged the VC, killing all three 15 miles southwest of Hoi An. Six NVA were killed and one NVA captured as action tapered off in the 198th Inf. Bde's. area of operations yesterday. One crew-served and two individual weapons were also captured in the Burlington Trail area. A 5th Bn., 46th Inf. company led by CPT Herbert A. Walter (Columbus, GA) killed six NVA who attacked their fire support base Friday night. The NVA sappers had used a large portion of the night to climb the steep sides of the fire support base southwest of Chu Lai. But the "Professionals" were alert and opened fire as the enemy approached the defensive wire. A search of the area at first light produced the bodies of six NVA and a seventh who had been wounded. The wounded prisoner was evacuated for medical treatment and interrogation. Two AK-47 rifles and one RPG were also found in the search. West of Chu Lai a 1st Bn., 6th Inf. company led by CPT Robert L. Hicks (Boise, ID) destroyed two booby traps yesterday afternoon. The "Regulars" found the booby traps while on a sweeping mission. Civic Action soldiers of the Bde. treated 536 Vietnamese civilians during five MEDCAPs yesterday. The 1st Sqdn., 1st Armored Cav. reported one VC killed and three suspects detained in the Operation Burlington Trail area yesterday. "F" Trp., 8th Cav. detained two suspects 15 miles north of Tam Ky. "C" Trp., of the 1st Sqdn. found one VC body and detained one suspect. 15 miles northwest of Tam Ky. Seven Americal Division soldiers were reported wounded and evacuated for medical treatment as a result of yesterday's action.

The source for this information was NEWS6809.AML & AVN supplied by Les Hines

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