Army Reporter information
for 1 INF DIV
1/2 INF

From date 681027 to 681103

1 INF DIV was a US Army unit
1/2 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Tay Ninh Province, III Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Tay Ninh
Description: The following is an edited version from the weekly Vietnam Communique column in the 18 Nov 1968 issue. Troopers of the 1st Inf Div killed 100 in a week of moderate action. Big Red One soldiers along with air and artillery elements accounted for 42 enemy killed in a battalion-size action Oct 31. Late in the morning the 1/2nd Inf engaged a force of NVA regulars a as the battalion operated in a jungle area outside their NDP 17 miles NE of Tay Ninh City. The infantrymen battled the enemy for a short time before the enemy force broke contact. The soldiers then pursued the NVA force until contact was re-established when the enemy became pinned down in several bunkers.

The source for this information was 6811AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines

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