unit history information
for B/7/17 CAV

For date 681031

B/7/17 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Description: B/7/17 Cav reported that the heavy rains finally ended after the first day of the month. The Troop received enemy ground fire 23 times but only one observer was wounded. Of these 23 times, the Blues were inserted 9 times to develop the situation. They made contact 3 of the 9 times which resulted in 6 VC KIA's with no US losses. In coordinated operations with the 173d ABN, the 44th ARVN Regt, and the 101st ABN, B Troop accounted for 11 VC KIA's, 2 POW's, 4 tons of rice captured or destroyed, 6 weapons captured, along with 800 rounds of AK-47 ammo and 5 60mm mortar rounds. Arty was employed against 7 bunker complexes destroying a total of 9 and damaging 15 more. Ten airstrikes were used against known VC locations, killing 4 VC, damaging 28 bunkers and completely destroying 15 more.

The source for this information was B/7/17 CAV 4 Feb 67 - 1 JAN 69 Unit History

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