unit history information
for B/7/17 CAV

For date 681121

B/7/17 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
B/7/17 CAV losses were 2 KIA
Aircraft lost in B/7/17 CAV were 1 OH-6A
Description: B/7/17 Cav was conducting a VR approximately 35 miles northwest of Phan Thiet in some foot hills when a LOH received intense AW fire and was shot down killing the pilot, 1LT Clifford Welding, and wounding the observer, SGT Stanley Green. All flyable aircraft were scrambled. The Lift ships, with the Blues aboard, were on final when they came under heavy AW fire but were able to proceed into the LZ. The insertion was completed just 15 minutes after the OH-6A had gone down. Within 6 minutes after the insertion, the Blues reached the burning wreckage. A quick search of the area produced SGT Green, badly wounded and burned. He was evacuated by DUSTOFF but died enroute to the aid station. The LOH was a total loss. The Blues, still receiving sniper fire, attempted to pursue the VC but were unable to establish contact and were finally extracted. The action resulted in 2 US KIA's, 1 OH-6A destroyed and 7 probible VC KIA's.

The source for this information was B/7/17 CAV 4 Feb 67 - 1 JAN 69 Unit History

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