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for BLT 2/26

For date 681128

BLT 2/26 was a US Marine Corps unit
2/5 MARINES was a US Marine Corps unit
3/5 MARINES was a US Marine Corps unit
3/26 MARINES was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Quang Nam Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Dodge City area
Description: Thanksgiving Day, BLT 2/26 and 2/5th Marines reached the Soui Co Ca. The 3/26th Marines, which had been heli-lifted earlier into the southern Dodge City area, relieved the 3/5th Marines along route 4. The latter battalion then attacked north toward a series of phase lines between the railroad berm and the Suoi Co Ca. The 3/26th Marines "enjoyed" a Thanksgiving dinner of turkey loaf and then followed after the 3/5th Marines attack. That night Marine artillery began a heavy barrage and there was six hours of intense PsyOps loudspeaker messages. The enemy troops were unimpressed and chose to fight.

The source for this information was 1968 USMC History P:425+

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