unit history information
for 326 MED 101 ABN

For date 681231

326 MED 101 ABN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Camp Eagle
Description: The Air Ambulance Platoon monthly newsletter reported 24 EM and 2 WO were promoted. During Dec, they adopted two more ships to make the family new ten in number. The two brand new "babies" are 515 and 518. SP5 Pugh is the CE on 515 and SP4 Cutler crews 518. Right now the family is increasing a little faster than planned, so parking room is a big hard to come by; but the enlarged helipad will soon be finished. They started building a new EM Club with Vietnamese labor. All the hooches and CP were painted between Christmas and New Years. Instead of a weather-beaten gray plywoody look, they are now sharp, blue-gray. Just before Christmas, they 'recovered' 5 pilots who had been TDY with DUSTOFF units down south. They continue to receive awards for departed soldiers.
Comments: MAJ Cloke, Robert R.; Plat CO; ; PSG Ross, Thomas L. Jr.; Plat SGT; ; MAJ Jones, Ronald C.; award; ; CPT Danby, James C.; returned; ; CPT Hansen, Peter M.; award; ; CPT Lewis, Charles H.; award; ; 1LT Evans, Otis D.; returned; ; 1LT McCrary; ; ; CW2 Nesbitt, Woodrow M.; promo, award; ; CW2 Skarie, Loren P.; promo, award; ; WO1 Blessing, John E.; returned, award; ; WO1 Dillard, William T.; award; ; WO1 Hichens, Francis H.; award; ; WO1 McKenna, Michael L.; returned, award; ; WO1 Shirley, John H.; returned; ; WO1 Whitaker, John W.; assigned; ; WO1 Whitney, Frederick C.; award; ; SFC Ratliff, James T.; award; ; SP5 Bebich, Stephen P.; promo, award; ; SP5 Clark, B. J.; award; ; SP5 Crim, Richard C.; promo; ; SP5 Francis, Stephen B.; promo; ; SP5 Goodwin, Roger W.; award; ; SP5 Grillo, Clement G.; promo; ; SP5 Kelley, Thomas E.; award; ; SP5 McLane, Michael P.; promo; ; SP5 Miller, Henry R.; promo, departed; ; SP5 Munoz, Gary E.; promo; ; SP5 Oberg, Richard L.; promo, award; ; SP5 Outwater, Michael J.; promo; ; SP5 Pritt, David N.; promo; ; SP5 Pugh, Daniel G.; promo; ; SP5 Rolls, Thomas E.; promo, assigned; ; SP5 Selander, Edward T.; promo; ; SP5 Thoroughgood, Michael; promo; ; SP5 Wagoner, Larry E.; promo; ; SP5 Winans, George H.; promo; ; SP5 Woods, David L.; promo, award; ; SP4 Burdo, Anthony T.; promo; ; SP4 Collins, Thomas E.; promo; ; SP4 Fox, Brian R.; promo; ; SP4 Harris, Lawrence Jr.; promo; ; SP4 Jordal, Jerry A.; promo; ; SP4 Mayberry, Roy M.; assigned; ; SP4 Pharris, Roger D.; award; ; SP4 Ramsey, Kenneth D.; assigned; ; SP4 Runion, Richard G.; promo; ; SP4 Thompson, Anthony; award; ; SP4 White, Karl T.; promo; ; SP4 Zuck, Keith E.; award; ; PFC Arnold, Steven E.; assigned; ; PFC Campbell, Joseph H.; assigned; ; PFC Lounsberry, Thomas T.; ; ; PFC Margro, James A.; assigned; ;

The source for this information was 326 MED DET Monthly Newsletter 1 Jan 69

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