Americal Daily News Sheets information
for 23 INF DIV
174 AHC
21 RAC

For date 690106

23 INF DIV was a US Army unit
F/8 CAV was a US Army unit
174 AHC was a US Army unit
21 RAC was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Chu Lai
Description: The following is an edited version from the Americal Daily News Sheets Vol. 3. No. 7 Tuesday January 7. CHU LAI (AMERICAL IO) - Operating in heavy rain and high winds throughout most of the day and evening, Americal Division forces reported killing one NVA and 22 VC, detained 19 VC suspects, and captured two individual weapons in light action yesterday in southern I Corps. B/3-21 Inf. continued to hound the VC effectively by killing six to bring its two-day total to 14 VC killed in five incidents. Other units of the 196th Inf. Bde. killed one NVA and three VC, found a VC body, and captured a weapon. Co. B engaged and killed six VC and captured an M-1 carbine at 1640 hours yesterday in a firefight nine miles west of Tam Ky, two miles from its encounters Sunday. Only 40 minutes from its encounters Sunday. Only 40 minutes earlier yesterday, another element of the 3-21 had killed two VC in the same area. Co. A added to the 3-21's total by killing a VC as he moved 100 meters from the company's position 15 miles west of Tam Ky. Further west, Co. C discovered the body of a VC believed to have been killed in a firefight with the "Gimlets" on New Year's Day. D/4-31 Inf., operating 29 miles west of Tam Ky, engaged three NVA and a VC and killed one NVA carrying a pack containing rice and clothing. Two separate incidents accounted for the six VC killed in the 198th Inf. Bde. area. A recon element of the 1-52 Inf., led by 1LT Barry Luther (Orange Park FL), engaged and killed three VC six miles southeast of Tien Phuoc. Five packs and several documents were recovered. Southeast of Binh Son, an aerial observation plane of the 21st Recon Airplane Company piloted by WO1 Robert G. Corey, sighted a VC in the open and killed him with rocket fire. WO1 Corey then called for support from B/1-82 Arty., and two more VC were killed by artillery fire as they tried t o flee the area. Soldiers of the 5-46 Inf. treated 505 Vietnamese on a MEDCAP in Binh Yen and now have treated 705 patients in two days. Units of the 11th Inf. Bde. killed two VC and found one NVA body and a weapon and disrupted the enemy's day by detaining 18 VC suspects and raiding a small base camp. CPT David W. Walsh (Colton, CA) unlimbered his pitching arm and killed a VC sniper by tossing a grenade into the VC's spider hole along a ridgeline six miles northwest of Duc Pho. The kill followed three sweeps of the area after CPT Walsh's Co. A/1-20 Inf. troops had received fire. Also netted were an AK-47 rifle with two magazines, and a pack and web gear. In a delayed report of Sunday evening action, C/4-3 Inf. engaged and killed one VC after receiving five rounds of M-79 fire four miles south of Duc Pho. Yesterday morning, Co. C detained a VC suspect as he tried to hide a short-wave radio and medical supplies near a lake eight miles south of Duc Pho. A recon element of the 4-21 Inf. discovered the body of an NVA killed Sunday by small arms fire near a stream 16 miles southwest of Quang Ngai City. C/4-21 Inf., operating four miles further east, located a seven-hut base camp and confiscated cooking utensils and 150 pounds of rice. A Short Range Patrol of the 1-20 Inf. detained five female VC suspects who had been spotted carrying rice into the mountains by gunships of the 174th Aslt. Hel. Co. seven miles northwest of Duc Pho. Brief deliberation led to their decision to declare themselves under the Chieu Hoi program. "Blue Ghosts" gunships of F Trp., 8th Cav. killed four VC in three actions, and B Trp., 1st Sqdn., 1st CAv. killed a VC as action increased slightly in the 1-1 operational area. At 1440 hours, the "Blue Ghosts" killed two VC running in an area 14 miles north of Tam Ky. Five minutes later, another VC was killed there, with a fourth following at 1530 hours. B Trp. engaged and killed a VC three miles nearer Tam Ky. Once again, no Americal Division soldiers were reported killed. Ten were wounded and evacuated for medical treatment, according to an initial report.
Comments: WO1 Corey, Robert G.; 21 RAC pilot; ;

The source for this information was NEWS6901.AML & AVN supplied by Les Hines

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