unit history information
for 1/52 INF

For date 690109

1/52 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, LZ Bowman
Description: The following is an edited extract from the S2/S3 Journal from the 1st Battalion, 52th Infantry, 23rd Infantry Division whose TOC was at LZ Bowman. Journal item 13, at 1220 hours, B/1/52 location LZ Professional see approximately 50 enemy wearing black shorts and shirts had large heavy packs most had weapons in the open with packs. Arty being fired BT188089. MAJ Neary in C&C went to aerial observe effects of Arty. At 1300 request Helix and fighters also gunships. At 1305 informed Helix and Fighters and gunships will report approximately 20-25 min. At 1325,gunships report on station. At 1340 Helix on station. At 1345 fighters on station. At 1355 air strike going in BT185094. At 1335 gunships diverted to BT226126 to assist Recon. At 1400 three additional set of fighters on station. At 1505 additional set of fighters on station. At 1510 additional set of fighters on station. At 1535 air strikes complete. At 1600 LTC Stinson reconned area and observes 15-20 bunkers uncovered, 6 hooches destroyed, a great deal of debris. Area will be checked again soon. Journal item 16, at 1350 hours, E/1/52 Recon location BT23134 observes 7 suspected VC around hooch with packs and weapons at BT226126. Gunships diverted from B Co working over area. At 1420 Recons checking area have found a tunnel they think they hear voices in it. At 1500 have wounded VC in tunnel also found 200 lbs of rice camouflaged in bush, destroyed. At 1510 discovered 2 more VC in the tunnel are trying to get all three out at this time. At 1515 pulled 1 dead VC out of the tunnel gray shorts. At 1525 got 2 NVA KIAs out of the tunnel both had green uniforms on.

The source for this information was 6901_152.JRN supplied by Les Hines (S2/S3 Journal from 1/52 Inf Bn)

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