Army Reporter information
for 23 INF DIV

For date 690113

23 INF DIV was a US Army unit
26 ENG BN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Chu Lai
Description: The following is an edited extract from the S2/S3 Journal from the 1st Battalion, 52th Infantry, 23rd Infantry Division whose TOC was at LZ Professional. Journal item 15, at 1115, C/1/52 located vicinity BT155110 received heavy automatic weapons fire from across river heavily fortified trench line vicinity BT155108 resulting in 2 US WHA at approximately 200m. Request urgent dustoff. At 1115 LTC Stinson in C&C picked up the 1 US KHA and 3 US WHA from B Co and extracted them to LZ Professional. At 1130 requested gunships from Brigade CPT Dimsdale. At 1134 C&C picked up 1 WHA and took heavy shrapnel from grenade. Door gunner took light shrapnel wound. WHA now KHA as he died en route to Bowman, Tyszka. At 1137 requested priority dustoff for 2 US WHA still on ground. 1 with leg wound, 1 with shrapnel wound in head. At 1146, gunships on stations FAC on station with fighters. At 1150 dustoff on station. At 1207 dustoff completed of 2 WHA. The 1 KHA taken 312th Surg. Names of casualties: Bock WHA, Webb WHA, Tyszka WHA & Kjehn WHA not evaced. At 1220 gunships breaking station. At 1255 second set of fighters on station. At 1305 air strike going in, complete 1320. At 1335 air strike going in, completed 1400. Journal item 15, at 1112, A/1/52 located vicinity BT148112 engaged unknown number of enemy vicinity BT159109 with small arms fire at that time friendly casualties were 3 US WHA. At 1115 requested urgent dustoff with gunships plus an additional set of gunships from Brigade. At 1135 A Co receiving incoming mortars, 60mm, from vicinity BT145105, arty firing from Tien Phouc. At 1245 gunships on station. At 1309 dustoff in an attempt to extract wounded was shot down. No casualties to the crew. At this time total friendly casualties were 2 KHA, 7 WHA, 1 heat casuality. At 1310 LTC Stinson to MAJ Neary: Prepare to combat assault C Co into BT145105. Helix on station. Putting air strike into BS145105. At 1348 gunships and fighters putting ordinance into vicinity BT145105, 159109 At 1401 air strike going into vicinity BT145105. At 1528 first PZ CA of C Co into vicinity BT14110. At 1540 first LZ C Co into vicinity BT141110. At 1548 dustoff going in for extraction of WHA. At 1557 dustoff complete. At 1558 LTC Stinson wounded in the leg while resupplying A Co. LTC Stinson died of wounds going to LZ Baldy. Comments from Les Hines, Americal Division Vietnam Association historian: LTC Stinson had borrowed the C&C helicopter from COL Tulley. The helicopter was crewed by SGT Timothy Smith of A/123rd Avn Bn (1st Flight Platoon). No damage on the helicopter or anyone else. SGT Smith recalled that they were carrying out dead and wounded. LTC Stinson was holding onto a body so it wouldn't fall out when he was hit. The helicopter tail number was 66-16737). Journal item 35, Journal Summary: Operation Summary: The 1-52 Inf continued security, fire support and offensive operations in the Oregon AO. A Co departed their NDP at 0730 searching BT149107, 153109, 156108, 158108. A Co closed NDP at 1700 BT148112. B Co departed their NDP at 0810 searching BT142102, 141100, 141099, 144096. B Co established their NDP at 2000 BT148098. C Co departed LZ Professional by air at 1615 to BT141110. C Co established their NDP at 2200 BT146107. D Co departed their NDP at 0650 moving to LZ Young. D Co closed LZ Young at 0905. D Co closed LZ Professional at 1350 and commences security of LZ Professional. E Co continued Command HQ and Relay LZ Young. Recon remains OpConed to D Co. Mortars continue fire support for LZ Professional. Contact: At 1112 A Co vicinity BT148112 engaged unknown number of enemy vicinity BT159109 with small arm fire. Friendly casualties: 3 US WHA. At 1115 urgent dustoff with gunships plus additional set of gunships. At 1245 gunships on station. At 1309 dustoff attempting to extract wounded was shot down, no casualties, total casualties at this time: 2 KHA, 7 WHA, 1 heat casualty. At 1348 gunships amd fighters putting work out into vicinity BT145105, 159105. At 1558 LTC Stinson is wounded in leg while resupplying A Co, will go to LZ Baldy. LTC Stinson reported WHA at 1700. At 1630 C Co vicinity BT141110 walked upon 3 VC in spider holes, engaged with small arms fire. Results: 1 VC KIA, 2 CIA, 1 AK 47, 1 SKS 44, 1 RPD MG CIA. At 1810 A Co vicinity BT148112 engaged 1 NVA with small arms fire. Results 1 NVA KIA, 1 AK47 CIA. At 1830 C Co vicinity BT146108 receiving small arms fire, mortars from vicinity BT164080. Results: 4 WHA, 1 KHA,, At 1905 urgent dustoff requested. At 2000 dustoff on station. Later casuality report: 5 KHA, 1 WHA. Casualties: Friendly: 8 US KHA, 8 US WHA; Enemy: 2 VC KIA, 1 NVA KIA; Weapons CIA: 2 AK47, 1 SKS 44, 1 RPD MG. Plans Summary: A Co secures downed aircraft vicinity BT148110. Upon extraction of aircraft, attacks east. B Co moves from night location to vicinity BT147106 and assists in security of downed aircraft. Upon extraction of aircraft, assists passage of C Co and follows C Co in reserve. C Co assist in security of downed aircraft vicinity BT147106. Upon extraction of aircraft, attacks east on the right of A Co. D Co continues security of LZ Professional. E Co continues Command HQ & Relay at LZ Young. Recon remains OpCon D Co. Mortars continues fire support for LZ Professional.
Comments: LTC Hoey, Matthew W.; Bn Co; ; CPT Grubbs, John H.; ; ; SP5 Loudenslager, Albert L.; ; ; SP4 Blake, James S.; ; ; CPT Vinson, Martin; ; ; PFC Benot, Raymond C.; ; ;

The source for this information was 6901AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines

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