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for HMM-364

For date 690126

HMM-364 was a US Marine Corps unit
MAG-16 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Incident reference: 69012626.KIA This information is available on CD-ROM.
Quang Nam Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Da Nang
Description: The Command Chronology states that HMM-364 flew 80 sorites for 31.5 flight hours, lifting 181 troops/passengers and expending 400 rounds of .50 caliber ordnance. 24 medevac missions carried 7 routine evacuees in support of the following operations and units: Taylor Common, 1st Mar Div, and MAG-16. One enemy fire incident was reported and (K-18) crashed and burned with 7 KIA. In the Casualties for the month section: 1LT Meyer, 1LT sterling, LCP Dolan, LCP Hannibal, LCP Schickel, and PFC Peddy as KIA. In the Intelligence section: Paragraph b. There was also 1 incident in which one of the unit's aircraft crashed and burned with all 7 crewmembers KIA which was a result of possible enemy fire.
Comments: LTC Statzer, M.V.; HMM-364 CO; ;

The source for this information was HMM-364 Command Chronology Jan 69 dated 3 Feb 69

Additional information is available on CD-ROM.

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