unit history information
for 326 MED 101 ABN

For date 690131

326 MED 101 ABN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Incident reference: 69011719.BAT This information is available on CD-ROM.
South Vietnam
Location, Camp Eagle
Description: The Air Ambulance Platoon monthly newsletter was redesigned to include two columns and hand drawn illustrations. It reported because the cold and rain everyone wore the 'Irv shirt' named after WO1 Irving C. Reid and Boonie (rain) hats. The 101st PIO mem took about 1,400 feet of 16mm film of hoist missions or other activities for a training film. The unit now had TV sets. SP4 Roy M. Mayberry, a jump qualified medic, helped test of new safety harness for CE and medics. The unit finally had 12 aircraft with the addition of two new ships; 241 crewed by SP5 Richard Oberg and 249 by SP5 Larry Wagoner. However, on the 17th 851 was lost in an accident with the maintenance tent; so they were back to 11 aircraft. The heliport space increased 70% when "Sawyer's Ditch" (CPT Buzz Sawyer) - a creek was closed and completely renovated up to the east next to the 1/83rd ARTY.
Comments: MAJ Cloke, Robert R.; Plat CO; ; PSG Ross, Thomas L. Jr.; Plat SGT; ; CPT Danby, James C.; award; ; CPT Lewis, Charles H.; award; ; CPT Porta, Ronny E.; award; ; CPT Sawyer, Buzz; ; ; CPT Turner, Ottis G.; award; ; 1LT Evans, Otis D.; award, AC; ; 1LT Little, Kerry L.; award; ; 1LT McCrary, Tom; AC; ; CW2 Nesbitt, Woodrow M.; reassigned, award; ; CW2 Sharie, Loren P.; award; ; WO1 McKenna, Mike; AC; ; WO1 Reid, Irving C.; AC, award; ; WO1 Shirley, John; AC; ; SFC Ratliff, James T.; award; ; SFC Thomas, Eugene A.; award; ; SFC Williams, Allan C.; award; ; SP5 Crim, Richard C.; award; ; SP5 Goodwin, Roger W.; reassigned, award; ; SP5 Grillo, Clement; ; ; SP5 Mayberry, Roy M; medic; ; SP5 Munoz, Gary E.; award; ; SP5 Oberg, Richard; CE; ; SP5 Rolls, Thomas E.; award; ; SP5 Sanchez, Amador G.; award; ; SP5 Selander, Edward T.; reassigned, award; ; SP5 Wagoner, Larry; CE; ; SP5 Winans, George H.; award; ; SP5 Woods, David L.; reassigned, award; ; SP4 Burdo, Anthony T.; award; ; SP4 Meier, Lawrence F.; assigned; ; SP4 Pharris, Roger D.; award; ; SP4 Runion, Richard G.; award; ; SP4 White, Karl; ; ;

The source for this information was 326 MED DET Monthly Newsletter 1 Feb 69

Additional information is available on CD-ROM.

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