unit history information
for HML-167

From date 690201 to 690228

HML-167 was a US Marine Corps unit
MAG-16 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
South Vietnam
Description: The Command Chronology states that February was another success filled month for "MAG-16's Finest" as the Squadron's "Can Do' spirit prevailed. The Squadron 'guns' provided 'on station' fire support for medical evacuation, reconnaissance inserts and extracts, and resupply missions compiling 677.3 flight hours and delivering 2,771 2.75 inch rockets and 114,800 7.62mm rounds on the enemy. There were additionally 124 helicopter trap weapons dropped on LZs for zone improvement. The 'slicks' provided services as the low Airborne Personnel Dectector aircraft, Command and Control and Administrative support aircraft, compiled 753.0 flight hours while transporting 3,063 passengers in the I Corps area. A few of the notables provided 'slick' support were LTG Cushman and LTG Stillwell and the Commandant of the Republic of Korea Marines. In total the Squadron flew 1,430.3 flight hours while performing 1,028 tasks in 4,402 sorties. There were 3,063 passengers transported by the squadron plus 34 medical evacuatins picked up and over 36 tons of ordnance delivered on the enemy. On 3th Feb LTC J.W. Conard received the colors from LTC T.F. Miller and became the fourth CO of HML-167. Attending the ceremonies were MG Quilter, CG MAW-1, and COL MacQuarrie, CO MAG-16. //not completely copied//
Comments: LTC Conard, J.W.; former HML-167 CO; ; LTC Miller, T.F.; new HML-167 CO; ; COL Mac Quarrie, ; MAG-16 CO; ; MAJ Hoen, G.G.; HML-167 XO; ; MAJ Stewart, J.L.; HML-167 Logistics Off; ; 1LT Campbell, J.A.; HML-167 Intel Off; ; MAJ Plasterer, R.S.; HML-167 Maint Off; ; MAJ Watkins, D.C.; HML-167 Admin Off; ; MAJ Davis, J.M.; HML-167 Opns Off; ;

The source for this information was HML-167 Command Chronology Feb 69 dated 5 Mar 69

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