unit history information
for 1/52 INF 23 INF
B/123 AVN 23 INF

For date 690203

1/52 INF 23 INF was a US Army unit
B/123 AVN 23 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, LZ DOWMAN
Description: The following is an edited extract from the 1/52 Inf S2/3 Journal. At 0825hrs, a Warlord team reported they were on station and will conduct a VR in the assigned AO. 0920hrs, C Co. at location BT181110 detained 1 VC wearing green uniform. 0930hrs, C Co. observed in the vicinity of BT181110 approximately 15 enemy camouflaged soldiers moving to SE from approximately BT183112. They called the Warlords to engage. 0930hrs the Warlords were diverted to support C Co. [The journals for the previous two days contain several enemy unit sightings by C Co.] 0945hrs the Warlords engaged the enemy unit in the vicinity of BT183112. They have 1 enemy KIA and observed two additional people on ground evading. 0950hrs detainee was evaced to LZ Professional. [Later in the journal we read: at 1100hrs detainee gave the following information during interrogation: BT1514 element of 74th NVA Bn. BT202148 74th NVA BN. BT243115 another NVA unit. At 1350hrs detainee was evaced to Brigade.] 0955hrs the Warlord team broke station. 1113hrs the Warlords reported on station and will work with C Co. 1120hrs C Co. at location BT184105 detained 1 VN approximately 45yrs old with no ID. 1145hrs detainee was evacuated to LZ Professional by Warlords and later at 1350hrs he was evacuated to Brigade. 1200hrs the Warlords engaged 2 enemy in the vicinity of BT195102. Results: 2 VC KIA and the Warlord team broke station. 1200hrs C Co. at location BT185105 engaged 3 enemy with small arms fire at a distance of approximately 100 meters. Results: 1 VC killed, 1 AK47 captured serial number 1963 by 1534. The enemy were moving west along a trail when they saw C Co. and attempted to evade. 1245hrs C Co. observed approximately 15 enemy in a wood line at vicinity BT186105 from approximately 100 meters away. Artillery was fired. C Co. checked the area but found nothing. 1440hrs the Warlords reported on station in the vicinity of BT1810. The 1/52 Inf Bn instructed them to work again with C Co. 1600hrs the Warlords broke station and reported the following results: BT165105 observed several tunnels, BT205013 destroyed 3 camouflaged hooches, BT185081 snatched 1 military age male, evacated to LZ Professional. 1820hrs C Co. reported while moving into their night location vicinity BT187094 they saw 1 VC running 200-300 meters west of their location. They engaged with small arms fire resulting in 1 enemy KIA. While checking the area they found 1 female hiding a ruck sack with canteens and a green uniform. She was detained and will be evaced in the morning. 2040hrs, C Co. requesting Warlords cover for their river crossing in the morning. Request approved by Brigade.

The source for this information was 6902_152_jrn supplied by Les Hines 11/30/1999

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