unit history information
for 326 MED 101 ABN

For date 690331

326 MED 101 ABN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Camp Eagle
Description: The Air Ambulance Platoon monthly newsletter reported on going on R&R, a 2 1/2 ton truck parked on the hill above them slipped the grip of its brakes and rammed into the battalion supply building. SP5 Roy M. Mayberry was shot in the foot during a hoist mission, the first combat injury this unit has had since last August. He expects to be in the hospital a few weeks. The CO's words were neat: 'The beautiful scenery of the A Shau Valley, further arranged from numerous B-52 strikes, has been the topic of conversation this month, with all our crews getting frequent opportunities to check on the day-to-day changes in the bomb craters. Flight crews have taken such a liking to the scenery that we no longer land for medevacs but instead use hoists that are overtaxed by use in 83 missions for 155 patients and are rapidly wearing out. With typical 'No Slack' enthusiasm LTC Charles Dyke's 2/327 Inf Bn has built us a field standby helipad at his CP on FB Fury, our only available helipad in the western AO. Through this undertaking we are able to swoop from our lofty mountain peak evacuating patients from the Valley in true Eagle Dustoff fashion.
Comments: MAJ Cloke, Robert R.; Plat CO; ; PSG Ross, Thomas L. Jr.; Plat SGT; ; LTC Dyke, Charles; 2/327 INF CO; ; CPT Danby, James; ; ; 1LT Evans, Otis D.; award; ; 1LT Lee, Jery T.; joined, promo; ; CWO Dillard, William T.; promo, reassigned; ; CWO Paden, Stanley R.; joined, promo; ; WO1 Baldwin, Orval A.; joined; ; WO1 McKenna, Michael L.; ; ; WO1 Obrecht, Richard W.; award; ; WO1 Tucker, Max E.; ; ; WO1 Villarta, Jose R.; joined; ; PSG Bell, Lowell W.; joined; ; SP5 Collins, Thomas E.; ; ; SP5 Fox, Brian R.; promo; ; SP5 Francis, Stephen B.; ; ; SP5 Grillo, Clement G.; ; ; SP5 Mayberry, Roy M.; WIA; ; SP5 McCurdy, Rick; transferred; ; SP5 McLane, Michael P.; reassigned; ; SP5 Rolls, Thomas E.; reassigned; ; SP5 Wagoner, Larry E.; ; ; SP5 White, Karl T.; promo; ; SP4 Arnold, Steven E.; promo; ; SP4 Barnett, Martin R.; ; ; SP4 Campbell, Joseph H.; promo; ; SP4 Lounsberry, Thomas T.; promo; ; SP4 Margro, James A.; promo; ; SP4 Walters, James R.; ; ; PFC Auxien, Lloyd L.; joined; ;

The source for this information was 326 MED DET Monthly Newsletter 1 Apr 69

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