unit history information
for HMM-262

For date 690510

HMM-262 was a US Marine Corps unit
MAG-39 was a US Marine Corps unit
Primary service involved, US Marine Corps
Quang Tri Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Quang Tri
Description: The Command Chronology states that HMM-262 launched an 8 aircraft assault lifting troops of 1/9 into LZ Erskine located at YD-162106. Small arms fire was received by one of the aircdraft while in the zone during the first wave, yet no hits were taken. On the second wave, 93-8 while appraoching the zone had a power loss, fell short of the zone, crashed and burned. The pilot, co-pilot, and one gunner, Major H.M. Whitfield, 1/Lt P.J. Traube, and L/Cpl J.W. Stewart, received minor injuries. However, the crew chief and the second gunner, Cpl K. W. Wheeler and Cpl P. Gibson (H&MS-39) received fatal injuries together with three of the troops aboard the aircraft. The lift was continued without incident by the other 7 aircraft.
Comments: LTC Wells, James A.; HMM-262 CO; ; LCP Stewart, James W.; HMM-262; WIA; 1LT Traube, Philip J.; HMM-262 pilot; WIA; MAJ Wheeler, Kenneth W.; HMM-262 pilot; WIA;

The source for this information was HMM-262 Command Chronology May 69 dated 1 Jun 69

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