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For date 690627

OH-58 NETT was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Phuoc Tuy Province, III Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Vung Tau
Description: The Bell factory news carried the following article titled '29 Army Men Train To Introduce LOH in Vietnam' about the OH-58 NETT that would deploy to Vung Tau, Vietnam on 17 Aug 1969. Twenty-nine veterans of Army aviation currently are in intensive training at the company prior to their introducing the new OH-58A light observation helicopter to Vietnam later this year. The groups of specialists, known as the OH-58A New Equipment Training Team, is similar to one formed here in 1967. That team took the then-new AH-1G Huey Cobra to Vietnam. The OH-58A NET Team is charged with the same mission as its predecessor: To thoroughly indoctrinate the Vietnam-based helicopter units in every aspect of the aircraft's operation and maintenance. First deliveries of the OH-58A Kiowa were made last month when Army Maj. Gen. John Norton came to Bell to accept the first aircraft of the new model. The aircraft is the Army's version of the Bell Model 206A Jet Ranger. It normally will carry a crew of two on its scout mission that utilizes the XM-27 armament kit of a 7.62mm minigun. At a mission weight of 2,967 pounds, it will have a airspeed of 120 knots and a range of about 230 miles. It is powered by an Allison T63-A-700 turbine engine. Six officers and 23 enlisted men comprise the Kiowa NET Team. Maj. Jack Hester of Hashville, Tenn. is commander, Capt. Marquis D. Howell of Springfield, Mo. serves as the executive officer and Capt. Jimmy Arnold of Hawkinsville, Ga. is the operations and training officer. All are Vietnam veterans and experienced Army helicopter pilots. The team officially arrived at the company May 1, reporting in to Col. John Bergner, commander of the Army's Bell Plant Activity. Since that time the group has been busily engaged in learning all it can about the new LOH, attending airframe maintenance and pilot transition courses under the supervision of H.E. Chandler and his Bell training school staff. Once it arrives in Vietnam the team will use its knowhow to provide interim training to combat units scheduled to receive the aircraft. Simultaneous training will be proceeding in the United States at such facilities as Ft. Rucker, Ala. and Ft. Eustis, Va. Representatives of these facilities also are attending Bell training classes, progressing to the point of complete stateside take-over of the training mission. But it is the "on-site" training in Vietnam that will make transition easier for combat pilots who will be flying the new ship. And the OH-58 NET Team is highly-qualified for the task. Team members boast a combined total flight time of over 8,000 hours and total combat flight time of almost 4,000 hours. They have recieved two DFCs, two BSs, five AMs with 98 OLCs, and four ACMs. A team of specialists from Bell's Service Department will accompany the NET Team. They are Charles Curtis, Walter Eagle, Robert Ivory and Billy Owens. E.J. Smith of Military Marketing will complete the Bell contingent. The photos with this article list the following individuals: MAJ. Jack Hester, Capt. Marquis D. Howell, Sp4 J.H. Abercrombia, Sp5 H.D. Peugh, Pfc. Jack Wills, Sp5 Paul Greedy, MSG Robert G. Story.
Comments: MAJ Hester, Jack; CO; ; CPT Howell, Marquis D.; XO; ; CPT Arnold, Jimmy; pilot; ; SP4 Abercrombia, J. H.; ; ; SP5 Peugh, H. D.; ; ; PFC Wills, Jack; ; ; SP5 Greedy, Paul; ; ; MSG Story, Robert G; NCOIC; ; COL Bergner, John; ; ; MG Norton, John; ; ;

The source for this information was Copy of article provided the Bob Story

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