Air America Log information

For date 690907

AIR AMERICA LAOS was a Air America unit
Primary service involved, Air America
South Vietnam
Location, Udorn
Description: What follows is a description of an article printed in Air America Log, the company newspaper Vol III, No. 7, 1969. The front page carries a photo of 24 men in front of an UH-34D. The caption over the photo reads 'Air America's 1,000-hr. Sikorsky UH-34 Pilots' and is dated 7 Sept. Shown in the photo are the Captains The narrative reads: Air America has 24 UH-34 pilots at Udorn who have accumulated over 1,000 hours flying time in that particular helicopter. This is the largest such group in the world to have amassed so much time in the UH-34D (civilian designation is S-58) according to Mr. Archie Loper, Sikorsky Aircraft's field representative in Southeast Asia. To commemorate this milestone, ealier this year Mr. Loper presented 1,000-hour pins (enlarged picture of the pin printed at the bottom of the article) to the historic group of 24 Air America pilots. The pilots also were given individual prints of the pix shown above each of which had been personally autographed by Mr. Igor Sikorsky, the famous founder of Sikorsky Aircraft Division, United Aircraft Corporation.
Comments: CPT Baker, H.M.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Lashomb, L.V.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Munsell, E.L.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT McCauley, J.J.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Egan, L.P.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Keele, M.D.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT McEntee, J.A.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Knight, E.W.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Ford, J.D.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Abadie, C.J. Jr.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Wilderom, L.D.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Ankerberg, D.L.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Byrne, A.R.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Van Etten, B.A.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Prulhiere, L.M.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Cash, T.R.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Henesy, L.E.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Woozley, T.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Gram, I.R.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Higgins, L.A.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Davis, R.D.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Weitz, C.A.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Robertson, O.E.; UH-34 pilot; ; CPT Fraser, D.L.; UH-34 pilot; ; CIV Loper, Archie; Sikorsky Aircraft field rep in SEA; ;

The source for this information was Copied from original newspaper located at UTD library by Mike Law 12/97

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