unit history information
for 326 MED 101 ABN
3 BDE 101 ABN

For date 690930

326 MED 101 ABN was a US Army unit
3 BDE 101 ABN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Incident reference: 69081777.KIA This information is available on CD-ROM.
South Vietnam
Location, Camp Eagle
326 MED 101 ABN losses were 2 KIA
Aircraft lost in 326 MED 101 ABN were 1 OH-6A
Description: The Air Ambulance Platoon quarterly newsletter was dedicated to CPT George Miner and WO1 Gerald Caton and reported on their various work efforts. The heliport project was not yet complete. With the acquistion of more aircraft over the past year, the old heliport was inadequate in size, number of revetments, arrangement of revetments, and did not adhere to the 101st Div safety policies. The local Sea Bees did much of the physical effort but relocating the revetments proved to be more of a problem. They were moved from the center of the heliport to the side, all facing east and west instead of north and south as they had been, thus giving the heliport a hover-departure lane. They also started sand bagging their hootches which was difficult because they were located on the side of a steep hill. After several sand bag walls fell down, they started holding them up with wooden poles and braces. They also worked on a new hanger. For the first time since it was organized, their flight operations, medical supplies, aircraft maintenance, and CP were all under the same roof. In the "DUSTOFF 96" column, MAJ Murphy commented that they had had to move from a monthly to a quarterly newsletter because of the loss of the editor, numerous inspections, and all the work. He mentioned the OH-6A LOH effort to reduce the number of hoist missions. They borrowed one from the 3rd Bde and used it for just three weeks. He closed by saying that with the monsoon season near they were increase emphasis on instrument training.
Comments: MAJ Murphy, Thomas W.; Plat CO; ; PSG Bell, Lowell W.; Plat SGT; ; CPT Evans, Otis; reassigned; ; CPT Miner, George; OH-6A pilot; KIA; CPT Patterson, Jimmy G.; joined; ; CPT Stafford, Greg B.; joined; ; CPT Wisdom, Jesse A.; joined; ; 1LT Collins, Jerry W.; joined; ; 1LT Johnson, Austin E.; joined; ; CW2 Black, Robert; reassigned; ; CW2 Blessing, John; reassigned; ; CW2 Hichens, Frank; reassigned; ; CW2 McKee, Dallas; reassigned; ; CW2 McKenna, Michael; reassigned; ; CW2 Reid, Irvin; reassigned; ; CW2 Shirley, John; reassigned; ; CW2 Tucker, Max; reassigned; ; WO1 Armstead, Rocky D.; joined; ; WO1 Caton, Gerald; OH-6A pilot; KIA; WO1 O'Brian, Edward T.; joined; ; WO1 Pabst, Thomas; joined; ; WO1 Smith, Danial S.; joined; ; PSG Ross, Thomas; reassigned; ; SGT Pritt, David; reassigned; ; SP5 Ashton, Darrel; reassigned; ; SP5 Bebich, Steven; reassigned; ; SP5 Fox, Brian; reassigned; ; SP5 Grillo, Clement; reassigned; ; SP5 Harris, Lawrence; reassigned; ; SP5 Johnson, James; reassigned; ; SP5 Martinez, Rafael G.; joined; ; SP5 Nash, Patrick M.; joined; ; SP5 Oberg, Richard; reassigned; ; SP5 Pugh, Danial; reassigned; ; SP5 Stewart, Darrel; reassigned; ; SP5 Sutton, Hubert D.; joined; ; SP5 Watson, Fred G.; joined; ; SP5 White, Karl; reassigned; ; SP5 Winans, George; reassigned; ; SP4 Burcham, James W.; ; ; SP4 Kuzmicz, Tony; joined; ; SP4 Moore, Jeff; joined; ; SP4 Mullas, Charles J.; joined; ; SP4 Osguthorpe, Steven G.; joined; ; SP4 Neihoff, Knut P.; joined, editor; ; SP4 Pihl, Jack D.; joined; ; SP4 Schmauss, Paul J.; joined; ; SP4 Smith, William R.; joined; ; PFC Dumas, Robert J.; joined; ; PFC Swartz, John W.; joined; ;

The source for this information was 326 MED DET Quarterly Newsletter 1 Oct 69

Additional information is available on CD-ROM.

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