ORLL report information
for 7/1 CAV
44 STZ
D/3/5 CAV

From date 691031 to 690801

7/1 CAV was a US Army unit
44 STZ was a Vietnamese Army unit
D/3/5 CAV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Vinh Long Province, IV Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Vinh Long
Description: The 7/1st Cav ORLL states: During the reporting period the Sqdn reported 4 KIAs, 41 WIAs (25 returned to duty); 15 OH-6As destroyed, 76 damaged; 5 UH-1Hs destroyed, 31 damaged; 5 AH-1G destroyed, 21 damaged. HHT flew 1,111 hours with 0 accidents; A Troop 6,348 and 2; B Troop 7,062 and 2; C Troop 7,456 and 2; D/3/5 (Aug not included) 6,808 and 5. Personnel: On 1 Sep, D/3/5th Cav was attached from the 9th Inf Div. Operations: The Sqdn's operational emphasis shifted from the 44th STZ to general coverage of the majority of IV Corps. Priority was given to the U Minh Forest in the 21st ARVN Div area during the last six weeks. D/3/5 Cav greatly increased the Sqdn's capabilities. Night Hunter/Killer missions were terminated in early August. Not being able to employ the scouts, eliminated approximately 90% of an ATC's reconnaissance capacity. This mission is currently being preformed by an AHC instead of an ACT. The ACTs continued to furnish a mission package of 4 scouts, 4 weapons, 4 lift and one C&C on a daily basis to support the three ARVN Divs and the 44th STZ. The Blue platoons have been restricted from employment since mid-August. The ground troop has been employed as security forces for convoys and the Vinh Long Airfield. The fact that there have been no combat missions assigned has retarded the combat effectiveness of the troop. Basecamp: The perimeter had to be substantially expanded to accommodate the additional ACT. The Last Light VR conducted daily has continually intercepted and destroyed small enemy forces within close proximity to the airfield. There were no attacks during the period. Miniports: The erosion problem continues at the refueling pads even with the cement borders around the pads. The new "L" shaped revetments are too tall for AH-1Gs to use them. Logistics: For the past several months it was necessary to conduct two convoys weekly to Can Tho and Bien Thuy for resupply of classes I, II, and VII. Due to established scheduled, it was necessary for the convoys to depart Vinh Long at 0800H every Monday and Thursday. To alleviate this lucrative ambush target, a truck was placed at Can Tho and CH-47s helicopters are scheduled twice a week to ttransport all class I supplies. Thus only one convoy a week is required and the days can be staggered.
Comments: LTC Walter, Ronald T.; Sqdn CO from 15 Oct; ; LTC Derrick, George E.; Sqdn CO until 15 Oct; ; MAJ Rhein, John H.; Sqdn XO; ; CPT Hull, William T.; Sqdn S1; ; MAJ Scheaffer, Phillip G.; Sqdn S2 until 9 Sep; ; CPT Grandel, Ronald D.; Sqdn S2 from 9 Sep; ; MAJ Thompson, David E.; Sqdn S3 until 18 Aug; ; MAJ Scheafer, Phillip G.; Sqdn S3 until 28 Sep; ; MAJ Gillette, William P. III; Sqdn S3 from 28 Sep; ; CPT Cable, Donald V.; Sqdn S4; ; 1LT Cashion, Gary G.; Signal Off; ; CPT Brundage, Lucien A.; Safety Off from 10 Aug; ; CWO Suarez, Jose A.; Safety Off until 10 Aug; ; CPT Black, Robert H.; Maint Off; ; CPT Joerger, Robert H.; HHT CO; ; MAJ Kidwell, Walter E.; A Troop CO; ; MAJ Bergeron, Gary P.; B Troop CO after 28 Sep; ; MAJ Gillette, William P. III; B Troop CO until 28 Sep; ; MAJ Rittenhouse, William R.; C Troop CO; ; CPT Steiner, Charles R.; D Troop CO; ; MAJ Owens, William B.; D/3/5 CAV CO; ;

The source for this information was 7/1 CAV ORLL dated 15 Nov 69

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