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For date 700102

DIV ARTY 23 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Quang Tin Province, I Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Tam Ky
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Crack-Shot Artillery Team Hits Goodwill Road" by SP5 A. C. Barnett Div. Arty. IO. CHU LAI - The translation read much like any other military citation: "...outstanding performance of duty, technical experience; professional competence..." But then a new word - goodwill. COL Phan Dinh Soan, commander of all ARVN artillery had personally signed each certificate and sent a representative to the 22nd Artillery Headquarters to present them to the Division soldiers. The six artillerymen had been sent out by their commander, COL Leslie B. Hardy, (Annadale, Va.) to assist the ARVN artillery in the calibration of its guns. This highly technical method of determining the individual peculiarities of each howitzer, using advanced radar tracking devices, is a vital process that makes it possible to keep the big guns on target after extensive firing. Traveling by air and truck, the team spent 19 days in the field, slogging through monsoon mud loading and unloading their elaborate equipment and as well as bulky fuel for their generator. In the end, every gun of the three artillery battalions at four critical areas in the ARVN tactical area had been fired and the statistics recorded. It had been a new experience for the troops, working day after day with the Vietnamese artillerymen. For the first time they were able to see these men in action, under the trying monsoon conditions. When the mission was completed they had a new sense of accomplishment and respect for their counterparts. Most important of all, a bond of comradeship had developed and the sincere spirit of goodwill prevailed. Several months later when the men of the calibration team were recognized in the ceremony at Tam Ky, that very important word goodwill appeared again, as the Vietnamese expressed their appreciation and fellowship. Goodwill, that intangible sentiment that bypasses the barriers of language race and nationality. Photo Caption - Division Artillerymen receiving ARVN citations at a ceremony at the 22nd ARVN artillery headquarters at Tam Ky. The Americans had spent 19 days in the field, calibrating the ARVN artillery pieces. (Photo by SP5 A. Barnett, Div. Arty IO)

The source for this information was 7001_340.SCR supplied by Les Hines (Southern Cross newspaper from 23rd Inf Div)

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