unit history information
for 326 MED 101 ABN

For date 700301

326 MED 101 ABN was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Camp Eagle
Description: The Air Ambulance Platoon reported that during the month of March 1LT Peter Weber was downed by RPG fire while on a hoist mission, miraculously resulting in minor injuries to three crewmembers while PSG Bell, platoon sergeant, received an injured back and foot, requiring medical evacuation back stateside. Later in the Newsletter there appears the following. We of the Air Ambulance Platoon wish to express our gratitude to Platoon Sergeant Lowell W. Bell who was recently wounded in aciton while on a medical evaucation mission. PSG Bell was our platoon sergeant for ten months and in this time not only acted in the capacity of our platoon sergeant, but also served in the platoon as a fully qualified flight medic. These are jobs which are to say the least very trying. PSG Bell however, performed his duties with marked professionalism. It is with the utmost gratitude we here at EAGLE DUSTOFF wish to thank PSG Bell for his guidance and example while here and wish him a speedy recovery.
Comments: MAJ Murphy, Thomas W.; Plat CO; ; SFC Fravall, Bobby; Plat SGT; ; 1LT Weber, Peter; AC; ; PSG Bell, Lowell W.; former Plat SGT; ;

The source for this information was Eagle Dustoff 7 Apr 70

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