unit history information
for 2/20 ARA

For date 700308

2/20 ARA was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Description: The battalion history states that a Cav unit made contact with a large enemy force located in what appeared to be a battalion sized bunker complex and base camp area. The friendly unit was engaged with automatic weapons, small arms fire, B-40 rockets and mortars. Three sections of BLUE MAX expended during the morning in support of the hard pressed unit. As the fourth section came on station in the contact area, a medevac was attempted. The section escorted the medevac helicopter into the LZ and immediately drew heavy fire. WO1 Straw, flying the low Cobra engaged the area with his turret weapons, enabling the medevac aircraft to safely depart the area. CPT Dismukes, the AC of the high cover Cobra, engaged the enemy with rockets. Medevac made another attempt to go into the area with WO1 Straw covering at a low altitude, drawing the enemy's fire and placing continuous fire on the enemy position with his turret weapons. Medevac was able to evacuate 18 of the most seriously wounded personnel. Both aviators were awarded the Silver Star for this action.
Comments: WO1 Straw; AC; ; CPT Dismukes; AC; ;

The source for this information was 2/20 ARA History 1970 by CPT Charles R. Jones

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