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For date 700416

24 STZ was a Vietnamese Army unit
Primary service involved, Vietnamese Army
Kontum Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Dak Pek
Description: The following is an edited version of an article titled "Friendlies Retake Dak Pek Outpost." Tan Canh (S&S) - A Montagnard mobile strike force supported by tactical air strikes charged a steep hill at Dak Pek Tuesday and in close-in fighting captured Outpost No. 3 held by Communist troops since early Sunday morning. The charge was described by Col. Nguyen Ba Thin, commander of the 24th Special Tactical Zone, who said two attempts had been made Monday to capture the hill. When friendly forces reached the top, he said, they found about 25 dead enemy troops. The recapture of Outpost 3, just southwest of Dak Pek, took place as continued enemy activity further south in the Dak Poko Valley prevented helicopters from landing at the embattled Dak Seang Special Forces Camp. A single helicopter could be seen resting on the Dak Seang airstrip. Sources said the copter had taken enemy small arms fire while flying six miles southwest of Dak Seang Tuesday morning and had made an emergency landing at the Special Forces Camp. The crew reportedly reached safety inside the camp's perimeter. Sources here said the camp was being resupplied by air drops.
Comments: SP4 Barber, Robert; crew-chief; ; 1LT Cooper, Pat; gunship pilot; ;

The source for this information was 7004pss.avn supplied by Les Hines 02/02/2000

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