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52 CAB was a US Army unit
57 AHC was a US Army unit
170 AHC was a US Army unit
179 ASHC was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Pleiku Province, II Corps, South Vietnam
Location, Camp Holloway
Description: The 52d CAB's yearbook does not contain much by way of current unit history. It states that in 1970 the unit stopped and broke the NVA seige at Dat Seang, then spearheaded the northeastern Cambodian operation. Besides the Battalion Hq staff, the Yearbook mentions the following units: the Hq and Hq Company commanded by CPT Howard H. Wilson, the Post Command with LTC Marion A. White as Deputy Post Commander, the 52d Security Detachment commanded by CPT Charles D. Brown, the 57th AHC commanded by MAJ Janas, the 170th AHC commanded by MAJ George S. Crawford, the 179th ASHC commanded by MAJ John R. Hopkins, the 189th AHC commanded by MAJ George A. Morgan, the 219th UAC commanded by CPT Carlton F. Roberson, and the 361st Escort Company commanded by MAJ Terence M. Henry. On the last few pages it mentions that the 119th AHC was deactivated on 8 Dec 1970. It states that the 52d Security Detachment (Infantry) occupies a unique positin among the other companies of the 52d CAB. It is the only infantry company in the battalin. It was organized under GO #742 dated 4 Sep 1966 and assigned to the 52d CAB. Since it is an infantry company, all that pertain to the internal and external security of Camp Holloway and the Kontum Airfield is shouldered by the unit. In executing its mission, bunkers are manned, and reconnaissance and ambush patrols are conducted by men of the three rifle platoons. Mortar fire support is provided by the men of the Mortar Platoon. Aiding the Rifle Platoons in carrying out their mission, the men of the 68th Infantry Detachment (Radar) monitor ground surveillance equipment at three radar sites. Plus whenever directed illumination is needed on the perimeter, it can be provided by the Searchlight Section. To coordinate all of these activities is the responsibility of the men who operate Camp Holloway's Command Operations Center. To regulate the movement of personnel into and out of Camp Holloway and Kontum Airfields is the responsibility of the Security Police.
Comments: LTC Merritt, Ronald H. Jr.; CO 52d CAB; ; MAJ Wagner, Jerry T.; XO 52d CAB; ; CSM Franklin, Joseph; CSM 52d CAB; ; CPT Misurek, Gerald S.; S-1; ; 1LT Thomas, John; Asst S-1; ; CPT Salonich, John; Bn Info Off; ; CPT Schachleiter, ; Bn S-3; ; CPT Van Meter, ; Bn S-4; ; CPT Willars, ; ; ; CPT Edwards, ; ; ; CPT Meyer, ; ; ; CPT Wilson, Howard H.; HHC CO; ; SSG Conant, Don; HHC 1st Sergeant; ; 1LT Hamman, ; HHC pilot; ; WO1 Lyublanovits, ; HHC pilot; ; WO1 Atkins, ; HHC pilot; ;

The source for this information was 52nd CAB 1970-1971 Yearbook

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