Army Reporter information
for 23 INF

From date 710208 to 710214

23 INF was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam
Location, Quang Nam
Description: 01Mar71- Vietnam communiqué Feb. 08-14 Page 2 23rd Inf Div In Quang Nam Province on Feb. 8, a forward observer of the 196th Bde., 23rd Infantry Division, observed and undetermined-size enemy force 10 miles south of An Hoa. Artillery of the brigade engaged the enemy, killing five of them. There were no friendly casualties. On Feb. 9 in Quang Tin Province, also in Military Region 1, an element of the 11th Bde., while on a search operation 19 miles northeast of Tam Ky, engaged an unknown-size enemy force. Three of the enemy were killed, three detained and four individual weapons captured. Two U.S. soldiers were wounded. (This appears to be the 196th's A/3/21st Inf. based on the ORLL report). The next evening in Military Region 1, gunships of the 11th Bde., while on a reconnaissance mission, engaged an undetermined-size enemy force with onboard ordnance 21 miles southwest of Quang Ngai City in Quang Ngai Province. The troopers killed 11 of the enemy. There were no friendly casualties. On the morning of Feb. 11 in Quang Tin Province, an element of the 196th Bde. was engaged by an unknown-size enemy force 30 miles southwest of Tam Ky. Gunships and air strikes supported the action. Enemy losses were unknown, while the U.S. soldiers lost two killed and seven wounded. The air strikes resulted in one secondary explosion and three secondary fires. (This appears to be D/1/46th Inf.) "When you come back from a mission like that," one of the riggers said, "you tell yourself you'll never go out again. Then you go out again. "There's something about doing a job that no one else wants to do and doing it better than anyone else does that makes you stick with it." Also in Quang Tin Province during the afternoon of Feb. 12, an element of the 196th Bde. was engaged by an undetermined-size enemy force while on a search and clear mission 26 miles southwest of Tam Ky. Artillery of the 23rd was called in to support the troopers. Enemy casualties are unknown. Two U.S. soldiers were killed and five wounded in the action. In addition, four U.S. soldiers were wounded when friendly artillery impacted close to the soldiers. The wounding of the friendly force by artillery is under investigation. (This appears to be C/1/46 infantry based on the Division ORLL report).

The source for this information was 7103AR.AVN supplied by Les Hines

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