2008 War Stories & Historic Presentations

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VHPA War Story Contest at San Antonio, TX 2008

     Do you remember the joke, “What is the difference between a fairy tale and a war story?” The answer was, “The fairy tale starts out with ‘Once upon a time’ while the war story starts out with ‘This ain’t no sh_t!’”  Some great war stories were told at the San Antonio reunion.  You can see and hear them all on the 2008 DVD available for sale from HQ at 800-505-VHPA.


VHPA Historic Presentations Forum (HPF)

An exclusive pre-release screening for VHPA members at the San Antonio on Thursday, 3 July 2008 is on the 2008 DVD.


They came of age at the dawn of the women’s movement, stepping out of conventional roles to take a route away from the expected--to war. Young, adventurous, idealistic, and committed, 627 women just out of college took a breath of fresh air to the dusty firebases and sweaty base camps of Vietnam. They were the Red Cross "Donut Dollies," and their job was to distract US soldiers on the front lines with a game, a listening ear, and a touch of home.

From the award-winning creators of In The Shadow of The Blade comes the untold story of American civilian women who worked in the American Red Cross Supplemental Recreation Overseas program during the Vietnam War.

Sister, girlfriend, mother, friend… the Red Cross Donut Dollies were "round eyes" who brought entertainment, a smiling face, and a reminder of home to millions of young American men who otherwise faced the grim, daily reality of death. For the first time, they share their story of the year in their lives that would affect each of them forever. A Touch of Home: The Vietnam War’s Red Cross Girls pays tribute to a little-known chapter of American women's courage and service in time of war.

Read more at http://www.arrowheadfilms.com/atouchofhome.html

This is just one of the many presentations done in San Antonio.  You can see them all on the 2008 DVD available from HQ at 800-505-VHPA.

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