John W. Green III
Mardi Gras 3
Delta Air


ORWAC 64-1

Two Platoons(Flights) Active duty, Reserves, National Guard & Foreign Nationals(FN)

64-1A Left to Right

Front Row: Grubbs, Wimberly, Damaron, Ross, Bates, Sadovsky, Samaniego (KIA)

Second Row: Boden, Mangold (KIA), Charters, Dorsey, Murray, Gross

Third Row: Childers, Megehee, Aylesworth, Alwin(?), Hopkins, Diack,

Forth Row: Lovell, Goldstein, Herrin, Mouw, Green, Gaylean, Drake, Bissell

Fifth Row: Haynes, Hasty, Reed (DAT), Dawson, Howard, Brown, Mckay, Jefferies

64-1B Left to Right

First Row: FN, Patterson, Newsome, Porter, FN, Reynolds, Steele, Day, Page

Second Row: FN, FN, Reeves, Yates, Basham, Naeem (FN), Jones, Sweeney, Shafer,

Lerner, Hinton

Third Row: MacNamara, Kaplan, UNK, Stedman, Mauch, McLain, Vieira, Clark,


Fourth Row: White, Mathews, Mebane, Timmermeyer, Russel, Murphy