Tandem Rotor Mini

Reunion 2001, Denver, CO

Pictures from Brian G. Foote.  Click on the picture to enlarge it then click on the back button to return here.

Al Smith, Ernie Greening, Roger Gould.jpg (42611 bytes) Brian Foote at Mini.jpg (15805 bytes) Group Photo at Tandem Mini Reunion.jpg (30976 bytes)
(L to R) Al Smith, Ernie Greening,                          Brian Foote                               Group Photo
Roger Gould

Group Photo with Bill Squire & Diane Huffaker in Foreground.jpg (32078 bytes) Roger Gould, Unk, Gary Roush, & Others.jpg (38312 bytes) Ruble Edwards & Roger Huffaker at Tandem Mini.jpg (36461 bytes)
Bill Squire and Diane Huffaker      (L to R) Roger Gould, Mike Ryan,     Ruble Edwards and Roger
                                                    Gary Roush, three unknown                Huffaker

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