Below is a list of the 63-3W cargo class that graduated at Ft Rucker in Aug. 1963: Front row left to right. William Parker, George Parker, Julio Garcia-Lafitte,Colin Dunn,Charles Howell,David Herbert,Tony Cosimano, Bela Toth,Bobby Holland,Ed Piper,John Fox,Charles Davis,and James Boyer. Second row left to right Chad Clay,Jon Osgood,Van Sherrill,Jesse Hamilton,Dave Manning,Albert Smith,Louis Litt, Patrick Schleicher,James Matthews,and Pat McCullaugh Third Row left to right James Church,James Morris,Johnny Powell,Bill Noel,Lindon Jenkins,Glenn Barton,Billie Curtis,Bob Kinlaw,Al Guthery,Arthur Blevins,and Larry Mead, Back row left to right Curtis Goodwin,Manfred Fernitz,LaRondal Measles,Billy Hampton, Carl Hess, Murray Stookey,Shirion Temple,Grigsby Wilson,Ronald Patton,Bill Lowie,and Mark Auer. Please ad the picture and this list to your site list. I also found a picture or the 63-3W Tiger class that I will try to send later. Thanks Billy Hampton