Army Warrant Class Photographs

Below are listed previous warrant officer candidate classes, many of them from flight school. Click on a link to view a photograph of that class.

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Southern Airways Instructors, UASPHS A Branch, UASPHS B Branch

1954 - Ft Sill, Oklahoma

54-A picture  and Roster (courtesy Fred O. Bell)

1955 - Ft Rucker, Alabama (picture "Truth in Advertising" courtesy Bill C. Walton


55-G (from Karl A. Brugger)
55-L  List of names (courtesy Harry G. Bryant)
55-O (courtesy R.R. Marsh)
55-P (courtesy Harry Bryant)
55-Q name list (courtesy Richard Glasgow)

1956 - Ft Rucker, Alabama

56-3 (courtesy Richard Rex)
56-8 (courtesy Marvin A Farmer Jr)
56-11 (courtesy Wayne Lisonbee)
56-12 (courtesy John Olsen)

1957 - Ft Rucker, Alabama

57-1 (courtesy CW4R B. Walton), 57-9


58-1 (courtesy CW4R M. Miller), 58-2 list of names (courtesy Jim Ervi), 58-9 (courtesy J. D. Ford)

1959 - Ft Wolters, Texas


1962 - Ft Rucker, Alabama

62-2W name list (courtesy John Olsen)

1963 - Ft Wolters, Texas

63-2wt (Courtesy Bill Kimbrough)
63-5wt (courtesy George McLachlan)

1963 - Ft Rucker, Alabama

63-2w (Courtesy Jimmie Arnold)
63-3w  name list (Courtesy Billy Hampton)
63-7 (Courtesy CW4R E. Greening)

1964 - Ft Wolters, Texas

64-1W (courtesy Charles R. Sturtevant)
(courtesy Barry McHenry) 64-2W Names (courtesy Ralph Orlando)
(courtesy Bob Brown)
64-5W names (courtesy Michael Keefe)

1964 - Ft Rucker, Alabama

64-2W(FW) (courtesy George Chapman)

1965 - Ft Wolters, Texas

65-6 (name list.  Courtesy Wavie C. Sharp)
65-9W (name list. Courtesy Roger Nale)
65-13 (name list.  Courtesy Bob Asbell
65-21 (courtesy Rich Langner)

1966 - Ft Wolters, Texas

66-1 (courtesy George C. Keppel), 66-1 names (courtesy John Keller)
(courtesy Harold Tanner)
(courtesy D. Rawlinson)
, 66-11 WF(A) (courtesy Clinton M. Kounk), 66-11 WF(B) (courtesy Bill Kimbrough), 66-11WF & 12AB (courtesy Glenn Salger)
(courtesy Donald L. Corkran), 66-13a-2, 66-13b-1, 66-13b-2, 66-13b-3 (courtesy W. Robert Stanley Sr)
66-15a-1, 66-15a-2, 66-15a-3, 66-15a-4
66-15b-1, 66-15b-2, 66-15b-3
(courtesy Rob Taylor)66-17-2-566-17-3-5,
66-17-5-5 , 66-17b-1 (courtesy Barry Grimm)
(courtesy Richard Devine), 66-19a-2, 66-19a-3, 66-19a-4, 66-19b-1, 66-19b-1 (courtesy James G. Pratt), 66-19b-3 (courtesy John S. Taylor)
66-21a-1, 66-21a-2
(courtesy Larry Vieley)66-21b-1, 66-21b-2, 66-21b-3, 66-21b-4 (courtesy Jack Ritter)
66-23a-1, 66-23a-2, 66-23a-3, 66-23a-4, 66-23b-1, 66-23b-2, 66-23b-3, 66-23b-4

1967 - Ft Wolters, Texas

67-1a-1, 67-1a-2, 67-1a-3, 67-1a-4, 67-1b-1, 67-1b-2, 67-1b-3, 67-1b-4
67-3a-1, 67-3a-2, 67-3b-1, 67-3b-2, 67-3b-3, 67-3b-4
67-5a-1, 67-5a-2, 67-5a-3, 67-5a-4, 67-5a-5, 67-5b-1, 67-5b-2
67-7a-1, 67-7a-2, 67-7a-3, 67-7a-4, 67-7b-1
(courtesy Mark Leopold),  67-7b-2, 67-7b-3, 67-7b-4
67-9a-1, 67-9a-2, 67-9a-3, 67-9a-4, 67-9b-1, 67-9b-2, 67-9b-3, 67-9b-4
67-11a-1, 67-11a-2, 67-11a-3, 67-11a-4, 67-11b-1
(courtesy Ray Miller), 67-11b-2 (courtesy Robert Nagel), 67-11-b367-11b-4
67-13a-1, 67-13a-2, 67-13a-3, 67-13b-1
(courtesy Donald S Lewis), 67-13b-2, 67-13b-3, 67-13b-4
(corrected 20 Nov 2011), 67-15a-2, 67-15a-3, 67-15a-4, 67-15b-1, 67-15b-2, 67-15b-3, 67-15b-4
(courtesy Frank Heffernan), 67-17a-2, 67-17a-3, 67-17a-4, 67-17a-5, 67-17b-1, 67-17b-2, 67-17b-3, 67-17b-4
67-19a-1, 67-19a-2, 67-19a-3, 67-19a-4, 67-19b-1, 67-19b-2, 67-19b-3, 67-19b-4 
67-21a-1, 67-21a-2, 67-21a-3, 67-21a-4, 67-21b-1
(courtesy A. Kovatch), 67-21b-2, 67-21b-3, 67-21b-4
67-23a-1, 67-23a-2, 67-23a-3, 67-23a-4, 67-23b-1, 67-23b-2, 67-23b-3, 67-23b-4
67-25a-1, 67-25a-2, 67-25a-3, 67-25a-4, 67-25b-1, 67-25b-2, 67-25b-3, 67-25b-4

1968 - Ft Wolters, Texas

68-1a-1, 68-1a-2, 68-1a-3, 68-1a-4, 68-1b-1, 68-1b-2, 68-1b-3 (Courtesy Paul Kearns), 68-1b-4, 68-1b-6
68-3a-1, 68-3a-2, 68-3a-3, 68-3a-6, 68-3b-1, 68-3b-2, 68-3b-3, 68-3b-4
68-5b-1, 68-5b-3
68-7a-1, 68-7a-2, 68-7a-3, 68-7a-4, 68-7b-1, 68-7b-2, 68-7b-3
68-9a-1, 68-9a-2, 68-9b-1, 68-9b-3
68-11a-1, 68-11a-3, 68-11b-1, 68-11b-3
68-13a-1, 68-13a-2, 68-13a-3, 68-13a-4, 68-13b-1
68-15a-1, 68-15b-1, 68-15b-2, 68-15b-3, 68-15b-4
68-17a-1, 68-17b-1, 68-17b-2, 68-17b-3, 68-17b-4
68-19a-1, 68-19a-2, 68-19a-3
(Courtesy Robert Hominick), 68-19a-4(Courtesy
Ken Thomas), 68-19b-1(Courtesy J. Nutter)  
68-21a-1, 68-21b-1, 68-21b-2, 68-21b-3, 68-21b-4
68-23a-1, 68-23a-2, 68-23a-3, 68-23a-4, 68-23b-1
68-25a-1, 68-25a-2, 68-25b-1, 68-25b-3, 68-25b-4
68-27a-1, 68-27a-2, 68-27a-3, 68-27a-4, 68-27b-1
68-29a-1, 68-29a-4, 68-29b-1, 68-29b-2, 68-29b-3
68-31a-1, 68-31a-2, 68-31a-3, 68-31b-1, 68-31b-4
68-33a-1, 68-33a-2, 68-33b-1, 68-33b-3, 68-33b-4
68-35a-1, 68-35a-2, 68-35a-4, 68-35b-1, 68-35b-4
68-37a-2, 68-37b-1
(courtesy David Thompson), 68-37b-2 (courtesy
Glen Senkowski), 68-37b-3, 68-37b-4
68-39a-1, 68-39a-2, 68-39a-3, 68-39a-4, 68-39b-1
68-41a-1, 68-41b-1, 68-41b-2, 68-41b-3 (courtesy Keith Harrigan), 68-41b-4
68-43a-1, 68-43a-2, 68-43a-3, 68-43a-4,
(courtesy Joe Stevens), 68-43b-1

1968 - Hunter AAF, GA

68-501 Reception Invitation List of names (courtesy Ted Adams)
(courtesy Bruce Loughridge)
68-21 (courtesy Jim Stone)
68-523 (courtesy Joe Stevens)
68-25 (courtesy Dwight Hoffman)

1969 - Ft Wolters, Texas

6 WOC Staff (July 1969)
(courtesy CW4 L.C. Olson),  69-1b1 (courtesy CW4R D. Dilts)69-1b-2
, 69-1b-3 (courtesy Rick Idol), 69-1b-4 (courtesy Daryl Moseley)
69-3a-1 (courtesy David A. Gomez), 69-3 a-2 (courtesy Rick Bailey), 69-3 a-3 (courtesy John Woginrich), 69-3 b-1
69-5 (courtesy Peter J. Harris II), 69-5a (courtesy Rick Crabbs)
69-7a-1, 69-7a-2, 69-7a-3, 69-7a-4, 69-7b-1
69-9a-4, 69-9b-1, 69-9b-2, 69-7b-3, 69-9b-4
69-11a-1, 69-11a-3, 69-11a-4, 69-11b-1
(courtesy Richard Nelson) 
69-11a-2 (courtesy Douglas Groesbeck), 69-11a-2 left 69-11a-2 right (courtesy Tim Horrell)
69-13 fixed wing and 69-13 & 69-25 fixed wing (courtesy Robert Young)
69-13 a-1
(courtesy Robert W Herington and Steve Zingelewicz), 69-13 a-3 (courtesy Louron J. Styers), 69-13b-1 (courtesy Jim Schueckler), 69-13b-3
69-15a-1 (courtesy John Deer), 69-15a-2, 69-15a-3, 69-15b-3 (courtesy Edward J. Moriarty), 69-15b-4 (courtesy Hillman Bearden)
(courtesy Alan Oliver), 69-17a-4 (courtesy Otis Key)69-17b-1 (courtesy J. Carr)69-17b-2 (courtesy Tom Upchurch), 69-17b-3
69-19a-1, 69-19a2
(courtesy D. Piper), 69-19a-3, 69-19a-4, 69-19b-1 (courtesy Rowe Haddock), 69-19b-4
69-21a-1, 69-21a-4 (courtesy Lorena Bourland via Dick Crow), 69-21b-1 (courtesy J. Blackburn), 69-21b-2 (Ralph Newberry), 69-21b-3 (courtesy Rodger D. Adkinson), 69-21b-4 (courtesy James Ewart)  
69-23a-2 (courtesy Steve Stover), 69-23a-3 (courtesy Bob Shine and Wade C. Straw), 69-23a-4, 69-23b-4
69-25b-1, 69-25b-2 (courtesy Keith Aakre), 69-25b-3 , 69-25b-4 (courtesy Mark W Fontenot)
69-27a-1, 69-27a-2, 69-27a-3, 69-27a-5, 69-27b-3, 69-27b-4 
69-29b-3 (courtesy Richard Waldo)
(courtesy Jim Niswonger), 69-31a-3 (courtesy J. Marsh), 69-31b-4 (courtesy Sammie Williams)
69-33a-3, 69-33a-4, 69-33b-1, 69-33b-2, 69-33b-4
69-35a-1, 69-35a-2, 69-35a-3,
69-35a-4 (courtesy Don Usher), 69-35b-1, 69-35b-4 
69-37a-1, 69-37a-4, 69-37b-1, 69-37b-2, 69-37b-3, 69-37b-5
69-39a-1, 69-39a-2, 69-39a-3,
69-39a-4 (courtesy Bill Watson), 69-39b-2, 69-39b-3
69-41b-1 (courtesy Ron Donakowski), 69-41b-2 (courtesy Cary Mendelsohn), 69-41b-3, 69-41b-4 (courtesy Jack Hauck)
69-43 a-1 (courtesy Duane Rowland Jr), 69-43 a-2 (courtesy Tom Rush), 69-43a-3 (courtesy Jack Timothy Dicus),
69-43b1 with names (courtesy Daniel Tyler), 69-43b1 (courtesy Bruce Wirz), 69-43b-4
69-45a-1, 69-45a-4, 69-45b-1
69-47a-1, 69-47a-2, 69-47a-3, 69-47a-4, 69-47b-2,
69-47b-3 (courtesy Keith Wysong) 
(courtesy J. Brooks), 69-49a-2 (courtesy Felix Bates)69-49a-3 (courtesy Wayne Guffy), 69-49a-5, 69-49b-1 (courtesy Lynn Beedle), 69-49b-3 (courtesy Joseph M. Long)

1969 - Hunter AAF, GA

69-1 (courtesy Rick Idol)
69-3 (courtesy John Woginrich)
69-5 69-5 69-5 (3 versions courtesy Edward Bohlke)
69-13 (courtesy Louron J. Styers)
69-15 (courtesy George J. Louzek Jr.)
69-19 (courtesy Don Clarke)
69-21 (courtesy Dick Crow)
69-27 (courtesy Steve)
69-35 names (courtesy Dave Baggott)
69-37 (courtesy Francis Strobel), 69-37 3D (courtesy Eric Bray) requires 3D glasses with blue and red lenses.
69-39 (courtesy Tom Morley)

1970 - Ft Wolters, Texas

70-1a-2 (courtesy James Singley), 70-1a-4, 70-1b-1 (courtesy Clyde Romero), 70-1b-3 (courtesy S. Proctor)
70-3a1 (courtesy James Singley), 70-3b-1 (courtesy Jim Morrical), 70-3b-2 (courtesy Al Roettger), 70-3b-3, 70-3b-4
70-5a-2 (courtesy Robert D McGee), 70-5a-3 (courtesy Walt Harris), 70-5a-4 (courtesy Ken Cooper), 70-5b-3 (courtesy Joe Gray)
70-7a-4 (Courtesy John Tucker),
70-7b-1, 70-7b-2, 70-7b-3, 70-7b-4 
70-9a-1  70-9a-1 List (courtesy Gary Whitty), 70-9a-2 (courtesy Robert Risner), 70-9a-3 (Courtesy John Tucker), 70-9 a-4 (from Darryl Scarborough)
70-11b-1 (courtesy B.A. Whitney), 70-11b-2 (Courtesy Michael Colding), 70-11b-3 (Courtesy Mike Jett), 70-11b-4 
(courtesy Peter C. Oswald), 70-13a-2 (courtesy Mike Merila) 70-13a-3 (courtesy Robert "Rong Way" Owens), 70-13a-4 (courtesy Daniel P. "Dano" Haskins), 70-13b-2 (courtesy Tommy W. Waldrop)
70-15a-4, 70-15b-1, 70-15b-2, 70-15b-3, 70-15b-4
70-17a-2, 70-17a-3, 70-17a-470-17b-1, 70-17b-4  
(courtesy Warren Piwetz), 70-19a-4 (courtesy Barry Martens) 70-19b-2 (courtesy Ken Kloppel), 70-19b-3 (courtesy Bill Sorenson)
70-21 (mislabeled as 60-21)
b-3 (courtesy Gil Jones)
70-23a-2 (courtesy Alan Lewis), 70-23b-2 (courtesy CW4 John E. Wood (Ret.))
70-25a-3, 70-25a-4 (courtesy David Headrick), 70-25b-1 
(courtesy B. Carlisle)
, 70-27b-2 (courtesy Skip Gibson), 70-27b-3 (courtesy Scott Worsham)
70-29a-2 (courtesy Marvin Quinn), 70-29a-3, 70-29a-4 (courtesy D. Howerton)70-29b-3 
70-31b-4 (courtesy Bruce Kollmorgen)
70-33b-1 (courtesy Richard Wisner)
70-35b-2 (from John Cooney), 70-35a-4 (courtesy Richard Terp), 70-35b-3 (courtesy John Madden and Lynn Kile
70-37a-3 (from L.E. Borders),  70-37a-4 (courtesy Robin Hood) 70-37b-3 (courtesy L. Roberts)
(courtesy B. Halevy), 70-39b-2 class and staff (courtesy Keith E. Alleger), 70-39b4 (courtesy Ronald McKinney)
70-41a-3 (courtesy Steve Enderle), 70-41a-4 (courtesy Ray Mullins), 70-41b-1 (courtesy Larry D. Thies)
70-43a-4 (courtesy Jim Hamilton), 70-43b-2 (courtesy E. J. Randle), 70-43b-3 (courtesy Jackie White)
70-45a3 (courtesy Richard P. Greene), 70-45a4 (courtesy John McCarthy), 70-45b3 (courtesy Charles G. Twomey) 
70-47a-2, 70-47b-2, 70-47b-4 (courtesy John Hiemstra)
(Harold J. LeGrand II), 70-49b1 (courtesy Stephen Murphy)

1970 - Hunter AAF, GA

70-3 Cobra Hall (courtesy Peter Kacerguis), 70-7 back Cobra Hall (courtesy Dan Adkins)

1971 - Ft Wolters, Texas

71-1b-1, 71-1b-3, 71-1b-4
71-3a-1, 71-3a-4
(courtesy Duane D. Oberquell)
(courtesy Fred W. Kirby), 71-5b-1, 71-5b-2, 71-5b-4
71-7b-1, 71-7b-2, 71-7b-3
71-9a-1, 71-9a-2, 71-9a-3
71-11a-1, 71-11a-2, 71-11a-3
71-13b-1, 71-13b-2, 71-13b-3
71-15a-1, 71-15a-2, 71-15a-3, 71-15staff names
(courtesy David Heminger)
71-17b-1, 71-17b-2, 71-17b-3
71-19b-1, 71-19b-2, 71-19b-3
71-21a-1, 71-21a-2, 71-21a-3
71-23b-1, 71-23b-2, 71-23b-3
71-25a-1, 71-25a-3  
71-27b-1, 71-27b-2 
(courtesy Clint Cuthriell & J. T. (Jet) Jackson)  
71-31 (courtesy Frederick W. Ploetz)
71-33a-1 (courtesy Mike Oberbeck), 71-33a-2 (courtesy D. T. Fox)
71-35 (courtesy CW4 D. Hettler)
(courtesy Thor Werenczuk), 71-37a-2
71-41a-1, 71-41a-2
71-43b-1, 71-43b-2
(courtesy Stuart D. Robertson) 

1971 - Hunter AAF, GA

71-7 graduated 2 Nov 70 (courtesy Art Jetter), Nov Dec 71 Cobra Hall (courtesy Ken Smith)

1972 - Ft Wolters, Texas

72-3 (courtesy Charles Shonkwiler) 
72-05 (courtesy Paul Luse)
72-7 b-1 (courtesy Clifton Webb)
72-9 (courtesy Trell Berry)
72-11 (courtesy Mel Kam)
72-15 in color 72-15 in B&W (courtesy Darrell Wiebesick)
(courtesy Bill Maddox )
(courtesy COL M. Buz Long)
72-21 72-21 Names, 72-27a1
(courtesy Curtis Gore), 72-33, 72-35 (courtesy John W Williams), 72-39
(courtesy James Whitman)
72-45 (courtesy Ray Roberts)
72-47 (from Bob Ferguson)
(courtesy Corey Ferguson)

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