Army Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course
 Class Photographs

Below are listed previous Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course (ORWAC) classes. Click on a link to view a photograph of that class.

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1957 - Camp Wolters, TX

1957 Southern Airways
Stanley Hiller, Stanley Hiller 2 taken in 1957

1959 - Camp Wolters, TX

59-2, 59-3, 59-4, 59-4 (additional picture), 59-5, 59-6, 59-6a, 59-6 a1, 59-6b, 59-7a, 59-7b, 59-7 b1, 59-c7 list of names (from Brian Foote), 59-4 list of names (from Vance Gammons), 59-c4, 59-8, 59 (from Jerry N. Tuttle's son)

1960 - Camp Wolters, TX

60-5A (from Phil Courts)

1961 - Ft Rucker, AL

61-2 (from Robert J. Brant)

1962 - Camp Wolters, TX

62-1a (from Fort Wolters Museum)
62-8 (from William Dick)

1962 - Ft Rucker, AL

62-10a  roster (from Ron Garrison)

1963 - Camp Wolters, TX

Aviation Maintenance NCAD 22 October 1963
63-3T Tiger Class
and 63-3T list on back
(from Jack Baumgarten), 63-4T.jpg, 63-7AT.jpg, 63-8AT.jpg

1963 - Fort Sill, OK (helicopter gunnery training, Tiger classes out of Camp Wolters)

63-1T (from Abe G. Stice) 63-1T Tiger Patch, 63-2T (from Larry Sanders), 63-8T (from Jim Viele)

1963 - Ft Rucker, AL

63-1 (from Allen Laya)
63-3 (class roster)
63-7 roster (from Joe Schenke)

1964 - Ft Rucker, AL

64-1a 64-1b list of names (from John W. Green III)
64-3a list of names (from Clifford Richard)

1965 - Ft Rucker, AL

65-5 (from Gary Loughman ), 65-8 (from Bill Bowen), 65-10, 65-14 (from Milt Brown) list of names and cartoons (from Pete Gray)

1966 - Ft Wolters, Texas

1966 Southern Airways
(from Harry "Butch" Decker)
66-11WF & 12AB
(courtesy Glenn Salger)
66-14 A4 (courtesy Bill Lee)
66-18 a4 (courtesy Philip G. Carthage), 66-18 b4 (courtesy Lanny Julian)
66-22 a-3 (from Jim Bergquist), 66-22 a-4 (courtesy Jim Gebryel)

1967 - Ft Wolters, Texas

67-4 a-3 (from Billy Ray Johnson), 67-4 a-4 (from J.B. West)
67-8 b-5 (from Henry L Wyatt II)
67-10 a-5 (from Richard L. Easterwood), 67-10 b-4 (from Keith Robinson)
67-12 b-5 (from Guy Hatlie)
67-14 a-4 (from Lance Hiltbrand)
67-16 a-5 (from Harry Goldman), 67-16 b-6 (from Harold Lynn Stephens
67-18 a-4 (from Marv Lindmark), 67-18 b-4 67-18 b-5 (from Austin O'Quinn
67-20 a-2 (from Owen (Skip) McFarland
67-20 a-5
(from David Eoff), 67-20 b-2, 67-20 b-5 (from Ray Murphy)
67-22 a-2 (from Susan Adams), 67-22 a-5 (courtesy George Iler), 67-22 b-5 (courtesy Dan Walker)
67-24 a-2, 67-24 a-5 from Pat Dougan), 67-24 b-5 (from Gary Roush)
67-26 a-5 (from Howard Burbank), 67-26 b-5 (from Gary Stahlhuth)

1968 - Ft Wolters, Texas

68-2 b-5 (from Roy Haun)
68-4 a-4
, 68-4 b-5
(from Martin Dahl)
68-6 (from Mike Bonthuis), 68-6 a-2 (from Gary Griffith), 68-6 b-2 (from Jim McNamee), 68-6 b-4 (from Gary Tomczik)
68-10 a-4 (from Bob Greenhalgh), 68-10 b-2 (from Gary Worthy)
68-12 a-2 (from Dick Cross)
68-14 b-2 (from Charles “Chuck” Gietz)
68-16 a-3 left half
 and 68-16 a-3 right half stitched together (from Jeff Noble), 68-16 a-4 (from Ed Sweeney)
68-18 a-4 (from Homer Yancey)
68-20 b-3 (from Richard Green), 68-20 b-4 (from Tuoc T. Phan's son)
68-22 a-2
(from Marv Adams), 68-22 a3 (from David Henbest), 68-22 a-4  
68-24 b-2
  (from Joel Harris), 68-24 b-3 (from Michael J. McCarthy),  68-24 b-4  (from Joel Harris)  
68-26 a-3 (from John Mitchell), 68-26 b-2 (from G.J. Golofski
68-28 b-2 (from Ronald Spearman), 68-28 b-3 (from Jack Lowey), 68-28 b-4 (from Wayne A. Trucke)
68-34 a-3 (from Warren E. Norris)
68-30 a-2
(from Gary Orr
68-36 b-3 (from Mik(e) Mikulan see dog in front row)
68-40 b-3 (from Robert Paine)
68-44 b-2 (from Mike O'Connell),  68-44 b-3 (from Jerry Methvin), 68-44 b-4 (from Larry V. Eads)

1968 - Hunter AAF

68-14 (from  Richard Green)

1969 - Ft Wolters, Texas

69-2 a-2

(from John J. Mackel Jr.), 69-2 a-3 (from Ken McElroy)
69-4 a-4 (from Larry Tomek), 69-4 b-3 (from Robert Jeffrey Urquhart), 69-4 b-4 (from David L. Reno)
69-6 a-4 (from Don Charlton) 
69-8 b-2 (Renaldo E. Rivera), 69-8 b-3 (from David Heminger), 69-8 b-4 (from Patrick Richardson)
69-10 a-1 (from Tom Rose), 69-10 a-2 (from Frank Basaldua), 69-10 a-3 (from John Rooney)
69-12 b-2 (from Rich D'Amico), 69-12 b-4 (from R E Sheehan)
69-16 b-1 (from Skip Champion), 69-16 b2 (from Bob Stewart)
69-20 b-2 (from Peter Kacerguis), 69-20 b-3 (from Gary Phillips)
69-24 b-1
(from Ronald D. Jordan)
69-26 a-3 (from Jerry Rhodes
69-28 a-5 (from Ralph Hood), 69-28 b-2 (from Gary Andersen)
69-30 a-2 (from Bob Voss), 69-30 b-5 (from Don Slack)
69-32 b-1 (from Jerry Williams)
69-34 a-1 (from Nicholas Sipe), 69-34 a-2 (from Leonard DeBello), 69-34 b-3 (from Frank H. Miller) 
69-36 b-3 (from Michael O'Neil)
69-38 a-3 (from Bob Cochran), 69-38 b-5 (from Jim Semanek)
69-42 a-1
(from Charles Harris)
69-42 a-2 (from Eric Johnagin)
69-44 b-2 (from Jim Crawford), 69-44 a-5, 69-44 b-3 information (from Barry Vincent)
69-46 a-2, 69-46 (from Chet Childs)
69-48 a-1 (from Jay Amundson)
69-50 b-2 (from Rodney Woods), 69-50 b-4 (from Bruce Blazej)

1969-70 - Ft. Rucker, Alabama flight instructors

1969-70 Flight Training Section Commanders (from Steve Martin third from right) (Pete Peduzzi fourth from right)

1969 - Hunter AAF, Georgia

April 1969 Cobra Hall  names (from Donald J. Millman)
69-4 a-4 (from Larry Tomek)
(from Brian Carlson)
(from Don Slack
69-36 (from Elbert Little)
69-38 (from John W. Roberts)
69-40 (courtesy Arthur O'Leary)
69-42 (from Charles Harris)
(from Jim Crawford)
69-50 (from Bob Cochran)

1970 - Ft Wolters, Texas

70-2 b-2 (from James Keitchen), 70-2 b-4 (from John Zylka)
70-4 a-2 (from Fred Williams)
70-6 b-2 (from John Wilkinson), 70-6 b-4 (from Frankie Wood-Black)
70-8 a-2 (from Jon Castle & Bruce Updyke)
, 70-8 a-3 (from Ed Gerot)
70-10 b-1 (from LTC (Ret.) Ken Barnard), 70-10 b-2 (from Robert Sleeth), 70-10 b-3 (from Stu Froehling)
70-12 a-2 (from John Roswick), 70-12 a-4 (from Larry A. Champion)
70-14 b-3 (from Ottis J. "Jack" Purvis, Jr.), 70-14 b-4 (from William G. Howell Sr.)
70-16 a-1 (from Jack Martin Jr.), 70-16 a-2 (from Charles Shepard), 70-16 a-3 (from Michael Bradshaw)
70-18 a-1 (from Robert E. Goolsby), 70-18 b-3 (from Bob DeLongchamp
70-20 a-1 (from Don Agren
70-22 a-1 (from Bill McRae), 70-22 b-1 (from Edward Luttenberger), 70-22 b-2 (from Wayne Loyd)
70-24 a-1 (from Mike Whitten), 70-24 a-3 (from Dan Reigle)
70-26 a-1 (from Ron Markiewicz), 70-26 b-3 (Donald Quy
70-28 a-1 (from C. A. Fields), 70-28 a-2 (from Art Jetter), 70-28 b-1 (from Bob Williams)
70-30 b-1 (from David A. Stewart), 70-30 b-4 (from Stan Marcieski)
70-32 a-1 (from Jerry Crawford)
70-34 a-1 (from Fred (Rick) Scholfield), 70-34 b-2 (from Michael N. Bryant), 70-34 b-3 (from Walt Thorp), 70-34 b-4 (from Tuan Bui)
70-36 a-1 (from William M. Cope), 70-36 a-2 (from Garrett Martin), 70-36 b-1 (from David Ayers)
70-38 a-1 (from Mike Sloniker),
70-38 b-1 Terry Connolly
70-40 a-3, 70-40 b-1 (from Jim Pfutzner), 70-40 b-3 (from Son Tran)
70-42 a-1 (from Stephen E. James), 70-42 b-2 (from Bruce Lowry), 70-42 b-3 (from Richard Wright)
70-44 a-2 (from Pat Kelly), 70-44 b-1 (from Frank Shipton)
70-46 a-1 (from Dennis Javens ), 70-46 b-1 (from Carl Brown)
70-48 a-1 
70-50 a-1
(from James Harned), 70-50 b-2 (from Paul M. Smith), 70-50 b-3 (from Sid Chambers)

1970 - Hunter Army Airfield, GA

70-5 (from Fred Sullivan)
70-14 (from Chet Childs)
70-16 (from Hugh “Sandy” McLeod )
(from Rodeny Woods)

1971 - Ft Wolters, Texas

71-2 a-1 (courtesy Jerry Coffman), 71-2 a-2 (courtesy John R. Rasimas Jr.)
71-4 a-3 (courtesy Ronald Kraus),
71-4 b-2 (courtesy James J.Canik), 71-4 b-4 (courtesy Dominic Esposito)
71-6 a-1 (courtesy Barry Pollock), 71-6 a-2 (courtesy Douglas Neil), 71-6 a-3 (courtesy Bert Garcia)
71-8 a-1 (courtesy Aaron Brown), 71-8 a-4 (courtesy Gary Hilding)
71-10 b-1 (courtesy Michael Blanchfield), 71-10 b-2 (courtesy Wayne Keeton), 71-10 b-3 (courtesy Jay W Wilson)
71-12 b-1 (courtesy David Wood)
71-14 a-1
(courtesy Tom Lathe), 71-14 a-2 (courtesy Greg Bradley)
71-18 a-1 (courtesy R. Straatsma), 71-18 a-2 (courtesy Tommy N. Brackman), 71-18 a-3 (courtesy Jeff Jeffrey)
71-20 a-1 (courtesy Plint W. Hickman), 71-20 a-2 (courtesy Floyd Jones)
71-22 b-1 (courtesy Bill Harvey), 71-22 b-2 (courtesy John J. Cesar (Jack))
71-24 a-1 (courtesy Jay Ward
71-26 b-1 (courtesy Ed Aufderheide), 71-26 b-2 (courtesy Dave Anderson)
71-28 a-1 (courtesy John Penny), 71-28 a-2 (courtesy Rex Gooch)
71-30 b-2
(courtesy Alan Tigner)
71-36 (courtesy John R. Taylor)
71-38 b-1 (courtesy David Siciliano), 71-38 b-2 (from John Bowers)
71-40 a-1 (courtesy Allen Nordeen)
71-46 b-1 (courtesy Ron Holmes)
71-44 a-1 (from John Hirsch
71-48 a-1 (from Robert P. Petersen), 71-48 a-2
71-50 b-1 (from Oral W. Carper), 71-50 b-2 (from Floyd "Buzz" Dixon)

1971 - Ft Rucker, AL

71-40 (from J. Dan Keirsey)

1972 - Ft Wolters, Texas

72-6 b-2 (from Dan Williams)
72-12 a-1 (from Jim Akers)
72-16 a-2 (from Bert Schreibstein), 72-16 b-1 (from Bert Schreibstein)
72-34 a-1 & b-1 (from Tom Whitlow)
72-36 (from John Williams)
72-42 a (from Keith Atwell)

1972 - Ft Rucker, Alabama

72-10 (from John D. Lynch)
72-18 a-1 (from John Hitchcock)
72-34 a-1 & b-1 (from Tom Whitlow)
72-38 (from Bill McNeese)

1972 - Hunter Army Airfield, GA

72-24 Cobra 72-24 Cobra Back (from Trell Berry)

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