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Please use this form for Questions and/or Comments to the VHPA Executive Council (EC)

The Executive Council (EC) of the VHPA is made up of six elected members and one appointed member.  Each elected officer is elected for a three year term.  There are two elected at each annual reunion - a junior member at large who then serves the following two years as mid-term member at large and senior member at large and the vice president who then serves as president the second year and past president the third year.  The seventh member (secretary/treasurer) is appointed by the president.  The EC also has a volunteer legal adviser who attends all of the meetings.  These dedicated volunteers of the EC typically meet once per month via a telephone conference all.  Meeting minutes are available at http://www.vhpaservices.com  The EC welcomes your questions and comments.


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The current EC members are:

John Shafer, president
Mike Sheuerman, vice president
Clyde Romero, past president
John Sorensen, senior member at large
Art Jacobs, mid-term member at large
Art Price, junior member at large
John Powell, secretary/treasurer
Mike Poindexter, legal advisor


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