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Helicopter Vietnam unit
web sites
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association 
Helicopter unit web sites
Dustoff Association
Distinguish Flying Cross Society
The VHPA Photo Collection
Vietnam helicopter images and artifacts 
Helicopters destroyed in the Vietnam War.
Sounds of Vietnam.  
In the Shadow of the Blade Documentary web site.
The U.S. Army flight demonstration team the Silver Eagles
United States Army Freedom Team (FTS) Salute program.
50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration Commission
Vietnam War Commemoration first quarter 2012 newsletter 

VHPA Chapters:

The VHPA and its approved Chapters are separate and independently managed organizations and neither the VHPA nor any approved Chapter is authorized to act as agent or representative of the other.

Alaska Chapter, president Lynn Kile
American Huey Chapter, president Chuck Canfield
Arizona Chapter, president Bill Sorenson
North Alabama Chapter, president Marshall Eubanks
Alamo Chapter, president Michael (Mike) Clark
California Chapter North, president Ken Fritz
Southern California Chapter, president Sven Akesson
VHPA of Florida, president Dr. Joe Ponds
Ft. Rucker Chapter, president Roscoe V. Souders
Fort Wolters Chapter, president Richard Gaurkee
Georgia Chapter, president Doug Lackey
Hawaii Chapter, president Ken DeHoff
Louisiana Gulf Coast Chapter, president Victor "Vic" Lent
Michigan Chapter, president Richard Deer
South Missouri Chapter, president Chuck Guy
Montana Chapter, president Todd Brandoff
New England Chapter, president Bill Williams
Central New York Chapter, president Tom McMillen
North Carolina Chapter, president Gerald Phelps
Ohio River LZ Chapter, president Keith Alleger
Rocky Mountain Chapter, president Dale House
South Carolina Chapter, president Roger Lone
South Dakota Chapter, president Jim Miles
Washington State Chapter, president
New Jersey Chapter, president Pete Purnell
Upper Midwest Chapter, president Don Abrams
Oklahoma Chapter, president Mike Sloniker
Old Dominion Virginia Chapter, president Don Agren

Flight School information

The history of Fort Wolters, Texas
Flight Class pictures
Army Warrant Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course (WORWAC) flight class pictures 
Army Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course (ORWAC) flight class pictures
How to submit a missing flight class picture.
Fort Wolters TAC Officers
Official Army film of helicopter flight schoolCHOPPER PILOT - Department of Defense - PIN 30196 - Training of helicopter pilots: Preflight and flight training provided by the Warrant Officer Candidate program at Ft. Wolters, Texas; and advanced training at the Army Aviation Center, Ft. Rucker, Alabama.
Fort Wolters, TX heliports and stage fields.

Army Flight School Home Page
Fort Wolters photo gallery
Research and Museum sites

The KIA Family Contacts Committee of VHFCN

Procedure for getting Army names added to The Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall)

Organizations and how to join them
Hot links to helicopter related organization web sites

Additional links

The Hilltop Singers Trish, Jeanie and Linda
Operation Ranch Hand U.S. Air Force spray project
How to position medals in correct order - ribbon rack builder
AFVN was the U.S. military radio and television network in South Vietnam.
Cold War Certificate Program
359th and 366th Aviation Support Detachments Air Traffic Controllers in Vietnam
United States Army Air Traffic Controllers Association
US Army Attack Helicopters
Soldier Works - The Story of War, Written by the Soldiers who Fought It.  A site to help Veteran Authors market their work.
Veterans' Radio by VHPA member Dale Throneberry
Transcript of VHPA member Michael Peterson's initial debriefing after having been a Prisoner of War in Vietnam.
Army Divers in Vietnam
International Bird Dog Association 
28th/96th Avionics Signal Detachment Vinh Long Airfield Vietnam 1966-1967  
Army air crews who have been killed in Army aircraft
Hawk Magazine repository 1st Aviation Bde 1966 - 1973.
Army Aviation Heritage Foundation Cobra demonstration team
U.S. Veterans Compensation Programs
Camp Holloway Dispensary comprised of four medical units from three  Helicopter Companies, 94th Med Det (119th AHC), 519th (189th AHC), 755th Med Det (170th AHC) and HDD Med Det, from 52nd Battalion
Kate Smith introduces for the first time the song God Bless America.
Members of the 61st Assault Helicopter Company plan to build a Library/Learning center in Bong Son, near LZ English.  For more information contact Ken Embers,, 785-410-2195, or Mike Zogleman,, 712-310-4151.
Disabled American Veterans
Web sites for casualties research (number denotes number of records):
- 189,737
OCS - For those who completed either Phase I, or Phase I and II of the Officer Candidate School Course at Fort Knox between 9 Dec 65 and 23 Feb 68, here is a site where you can view the statistics on OCS.  You can also request a copy of your class roster which lists those who graduated.  They especially need to hear from members of  Classes 10-66, 11-66, 12-66, 13-66 and 15-66 as rosters for those classes are missing.  Contact: Doug Burmester
Recovery of a slick shot down over the U Minh 
Radio station with Vietnam era songs losses for fixed wing airplanes and crews

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