Vietnam War Stories Involving Helicopters

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War Stories on DVD as told at the 2006 VHPA Reunion.

War Stories on DVD as told at the 2007 VHPA Reunion.

War Stories

Chinook Crash at FSB Keene 21 November 1968 written by Gary B. Roush

Homecoming, experiences flying Loaches with Americal's Div Arty Air Section in Chu Lai, RVN written by A. D. (Darryl) James
Baby-Bomb? an explosion that took an OH-6A completely apart written by James R. "Tony Tiger" Spletstoser
Twenty Minutes of Terror gunship scramble at night in bad weather by Stan Gause
The Sundance Kid of XAUN LOC ARTY arty controller's experiences by James R. "Tony Tiger" Spletstoser
I Was Just Too Short Air Medal with V awarded for this 147th AVN action by Thomas Leverenz
Another Day of Trash Hauling - Wrong flying Chinooks for B/228 AVN 1 CAV in during the Fall of 1969 by  Charles S. Overstreet
The Rest of the Story flying Cobras into Cambodia for 334th Aviation Company (Aerial Weapons) by Graham T. Stevens (CW5, Ret)
A Shot to the Heart secret mission southwest of Can Tho by Robert J. Conover
The Rescue of a downed LOH crew in Cambodia by C. A. Powell 
Terror in the Salt Flats of Phan Rang 179 ASHC Chinook shoot down by civilian tech rep Raymond N. Judycki.
A Shaw Valley PFC Caballero KIA 24 April 1968 by John R. Fox A/228 AVN
Bill Jackson Died After Tour by Walter W Gutsche
Survival Rounds by Michael McCormick 
Destiny Joins Fate by J. Bruce Huffman 
The Dilemma by J. Bruce Huffman
Two Down I jut wanted to be part of the D Troop team at Cu Chi by Mike Vaughn D/3/4 CAV 25 INF
Wet 'n Wild by J. Bruce Huffman
The Man in the Doorway a tribute to door gunners by Michael Ryerson
Huey Crewman a poem by CE Bill Rettenmund, 162 AHC

Operation Dewey Canyon II/ Lam Son 719 By Ron Pozin 

The Easter Offensive in 1972 - the Battle of Kontum by Lt. Col. John G. "Jack" Heslin (U.S.Army, retired)

Viet Nam Moments by John Galkiewicz 281st AHC Assn

Flight and Survival Training

Aliens in Vietnam

Smiling Tiger 183 Shot Down

A "Deans" Slick Pilot's Story by Colonel David A. Measels, U.S. Army (Retired), 120th Aviation Company, August 1966 – February 1968

The Ashau Mission by Norm Urban, Captain, USMC ret

We are just on loan by Johnny Hutcherson - door gunner - D Troop 3/5 Cav. - Vietnam 1968

Operation Bright Light November Ranger, 75th Inf, 61st AHC 1st AVN Brigade by Clifford E. White

In order to be Old and Wise, One must first be Young and Stupid By Ronald P. (Phil) Marshall 237th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) Camp Evans and Quang Tri, Vietnam 1969

Three Hundred Sixty Five Days by Paul T. Kearns

LZ Brick by Mike Peterson

Miss America Visits The Nam by Dorcey Wingo

Wingman Down by James "Bud" Hartman

SEAL Mission by Eric Bray

Ash and Trash Missions (162 AHC) by Eric Bray

All in A Day's Work (UTTHC, 1963) by Charlie Ostick

Purple Heart Day (UTTHC, 1963) by Charlie Ostick

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) Charlie Ostick

A Story of Ap Bac (UTTHC, 1963) by Charlie Ostick

Michelin Plantation by Tony Lazzarini

Deuce and a Dime,

Infantry Battalion Support “Ash and Trash” (Not Really) by: Charlie Ostick

Flying the Huey All Alone by Eric Bray

Kiowas in RVN by Roger DeWiitt

How the Huey got its name by Charlie Ostick

UTT in '62 & '63 by Charlie Ostick

Another George the Monkey Story by Bruce Ruks

Lessons Learned Night Flying in the Delta by Eric Bray

East POL at Cu Chi by Bobbie G. Pedigo, LTC AR (Ret)

Thanksgiving 1967 by Donald S. Lewis, CW3 AR (Ret)

Hovering Loach by Bruce E. Carlson author of Red Bird Down

Hang Loose by Mark O. Hayes, 188th AHC, Blackwidow 14

HEROES: THE 'VULTURES' OF VIETNAM by Robert M. "Bob" Shine, "Vulture 17" 162nd Assault Helicopter Company 1968-1971.  

Air Medal with V by CW-2 Bernardo S. Paez

Shot Down In Vietnam by CW-2 Bernardo S. Paez  

Jim by Tony Geishauser  

MEKONG COWBOYS "SKID MARKS" by Thomas Nesbitt, former Captain 335th Assault Helicopter Co

Just a Few Words About the Seawolves

Getting Shot Down


Wreckage of Dreams

Bad Boys

My Third Trip to Pleiku by Bernardo S. Paez

Montagnard Memories Bernardo S. Paez

My Flight, Into the Twilight Zone by Jim Eskildsen

A Few Memories of a Old Vulture 407th TC 1965-1966

A TINS a preview of a new novel

A Few Good Men

Covering MEDEVAC Maniacs

The Crash of the Pusher in Cambodia - Tail #66-19114 By Clifford J.Morley

Speech at the 2000 VHPA Reunion in Washington, DC, July 2000

The Odyssey: Strafed In A Jungle Shootout by Clifford J. Morley

The Odyssey: Chinook Bomber of C/228 ASHC 1 CAV by Clifford J. Morley

I. G. INSPECTION IN RVN by Bruce E. Carlson

Maintenance Operations in the 162nd Aviation Company 1969-1970 written and compiled by Larry Tabert

Bad Day at Quan Loi: The Loss of Crimson Tide 106 

162nd AHC war stories.  This is a PKZIP file and requires that you save it to your computer before opening it.

RVN 1968 with 68 AHC by Douglas S. Decker

Chinook MEDEVAC from Nui Ba Den 18 August 1968 by Gary Roush, 242 ASHC Muleskinners

Smitty and the Colonel by Mike Sheuerman Panther 15

Chickenman by Ira Will McComic

Clouds Parting Over Pleiku by CW2 Bernardo S. Paez

I Still Look Up by Norman (Norm) Wallace B Co 1/69 Armor RVN 1967-1969

RESCUE 18 March 1972

Picking up Dead Bodies by CW2 Bernardo S. Paez, A & B Companies, 4th Avn Bttn., 4th Inf. Div, July 1966-67

Sir Charles’s Aerial AmbushThe Helicopter Trap by James R. "Tony" Spletstoser
Ground Attack on Cu Chi Base Camp 26 February 1969 by Gary B. Roush, Pilot for 242 ASHC Muleskinners
Cu Chi Sapper Attack 26 February 1969 by John Labelle, Flight Engineer for 242 ASHC Muleskinners
Before I Forget by Barry Grimm 128 AHC, II FFV and 650 TC Det
Thumb in the Eye by Peter Luban
Near Miss by Peter Luban
Many Never Got Medals by Barry Grimm 128 AHC, II FFV and 650 TC Det 

CAT EYES AT 3000 FEET: A HOOK TINS by CLIFFORD J. MORLEY B/228th ASHB MAY 1968 to MAY 1969 1st CAV, C/228th ASHB JAN 1970 to SEP 1970 1st CAV 

The Rescue of Dustoff 65 by Tim Lickness, C/2/502, 101st Abn Div

A Good Day by then Captain William P. Dillon The 4th ID D troop 1/10 Cav

One In a Million by H. Morgan Miller A/3/17 Cav

The Saga of Captain America DMZ Dustoff 713 by Phil Marshall DMZ Dustoff 711

Flares, Fog & Faith The true story of how a “dustoff” pilot earned the Medal of Honor. By MAJ. GEN. Patrick Brady, U.S. Army (Ret.) As published in the American Legion Magazine August 2007.

A Briefly Attired Mission By Michael J. Walsh (Hustler 29) 4th Avn. Bn, 4th Inf. Div. Camp Enari - Hensel AAF Jan. 68 - Jan. 69

Feathered Flight By Michael J. Walsh (Hustler 29) 4th Avn. Bn, 4th Inf. Div. Camp Enari - Hensel AAF Jan. 68 - Jan. 69

Inexperience at Work

CH-37 at Cam Rahn Bay by Ted Jenkins

Adventures of a Navy Ensign by Roger W. Ek, Seawolf 25

Air America Evacuation by Marius Burke, Air America helicopter pilot 63-75

CHUCK HUNTING IN THE U-MINH From the book “HITS THROUGH THE CHIN BUBBLE!” 05-26-96 CHAPTER 12 by James Spletstoser

Air America's Black Helicopter, The secret aircraft that helped the CIA tap phones in North Vietnam by James R. Chiles

June 24, 1967 by Spider door gunner Dick CHERRY BOY Detra

21 Days in the Bush Alone by former LLDB Sgt Cu'Van Nguyen with Tony Spletstoser 

My Sixty Second Hero by Angus Macaulay

There was no billboard that said “WELCOME TO LAOS ” with Steve Woods, Keith Shafer, Jerry Graff and Wayne "Doc Gordie" Gorden written by Phil Marshall

RECON MISSION, A Recon mission of the NVA truck park near the Loas/Vietnam DMZ, by Nguyen Cu' van, Former Army Republic of Viet Nam Special Forces Sargeant, with Tony (O^ng con Cop) Spletstoser.  

237th DMZ Dustoff Reunions and Photo Files by Phil Marshall

How the Hangman became a Loach Oscar by Tony (O^ng con Cop) Spletstoser

Nha Be, The Mission In Which Dreams Were Made  by Bud Harton

Messing with Forward Air Controllers by Bud Harton

The Sissies in Blue Bird One by Bud Harton

Water and Ammo in, Bodies Out by Bud Harton

Guilt Trip by Bud Harton

First Night of the Tet Offensive, 31 Jan 68 -- Mike Hernandez and the Distinguished Flying Cross by Bud Harton

VIP Chinook in 1968

Conversation (big file) with MACV photographer Ken Hoffman about the crash of UH-1D 65-10079 on 05/09/1970 with the 189 AHC by Christopher Jensen Southeast Asia Pictorial Center/221 Signal Company (Pictorial).

How Not to Cut Bamboo by Bill Graves Stallion/Sidekick section leader 11/67 - 8/68

The Fog of War:  The Vietnamese View of the Ia Drang Battle

Witness to Night Shoot Down by Dennis Dupuis 114th AHC

The Last of an Old Warrior (MH-6C) by Lt. Col. Sal Herrera and retired Maj. Cortney Stratman 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)

XM-26 TOW - Helicopter as Tank Buster by Major J.C. Burns

The Battle of Kontum in the Spring of 1972 by Jack Heslin

UH-1B TOW Tank Killers by Mike Sloniker, Ron Timberlake, and Maj. John C. Burns
118th war story site in book form

JUST ANOTHER DAY by Don Douglas Warlord 15, 117th Assault Helicopter Company

The Bruce Lake Story, USMC CH-46

Clementine Twoby C. LeRoy Cook, HC-7 Det 104

Dancing the Foxtrotby Walker A. Jones (Army) and Robert Clark (Navy)

Lets call these tales Hookers and Lookers - A tribute to the girls of VN

GOIN’ to WORK By CW4 Tom Murphy (RVN 69-71)

The Improvised Secret Weapon By Stephen Cover D Troop 3/5 Cav

Navy Helicopter Information By Tom Phillips

Navy flight training video during the Vietnam War

Art Jacobs in Vietnam 1967-1970 video

Air American rescue in Laos in 1965

information on UH-1H 67-17166 on June 25, 1968.
The Downing of Stallion 67-17166 in January 1969.
The Final Flight of Curious Yellow 4 June 1971 by David Hansen
Air Story out of Vietnam (Air America helicopter shoots down NVA airplane) by Lawrence E. Pence - Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Kung Fu Skip - Alcohol and Sauerkraut on the Fly by Dorcey Wingo
The Fans It Hit SOG missions by Roger Stockham
Joe Galloway's God's Own Lunatics from the documentary In the Shadow of the Blade.  To pictures by the Silver Spurs, A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry, Vietnam '67-'72.
Joe Galloway's God's Own Lunatics from the documentary In the Shadow of the Blade.  Compiled by Roger "Woody" Mitchell, 192nd AHC 69-71.
The Battle for An Loc by Col Lewis McConnell
An Old Army/Marine AH-1G by Cornelius "Mac" McMillan  
Night Hawk Mission E/82 ARTY from Jon Snowgren  
USMC CPT Dabney at Hill 881South during Siege of Khe Sanh

THE RUB by Douglas Gandy, CW-5 Retired, Oklahoma Army National Guard

Crash of UH-1H 66-16026 9 November 1969 by Everett Rowles

The VC Were Predictable Too by Ed Canright

Khe Sanh Relief by COL Joseph E. Abodeely, USA (Ret)

Thoughts About My Tour in Vietnam by Martin Beckman El Lobo 18 "Guns 227th" D Company Aircraft Names

The Day the Medic Shot the Bad Guys by Phil Marshall 237th Med Det

Rescue at Hill 845 by Greg Johnson

Chinook Rescue Attempt in Fall 1966 by Steve Pearce

The Recruiter by  James "Derry" Ray

Impersonating a Pilot from "90 mph Door" by David H. Miller, armorer for the 188th Black Widows

The Milk Run by Dave Sebright, Minuteman 17 and Al Gaither, Musket 10

Shootout on the Cambodian Border 11 November 1966 by COL(ret) Phil Courts Croc 6 119 AHC Pleiku, RVN

One Name on The Wall by Dennis DuPuis

The Rescue of “Grumpy” Grimaldi by Charles H. Nesbitt

A Routine Autorotation by Dave Baggott

Tay Ninh Mail Run by Tom Nadeau

Our NVA Flag by Al Moore

Who Do You Have? by David Hertle

Effective Communication by Lee McCown

Fish In A Barrel by Gary Reviczky CWO Retired

The Machine Gunners of B Company RAR and the 135 AHC EMUs by Ray Godfrey, Australian Navy pilot, EMU 67-68

Preparing For Combat in Vietnam by Phil Courts

Shoot Down of Covey 64 and Wolfman 44 by Warren E. Fuller, 138th RR Avn Co. , 224th Avn Bn

LZ Overlook by Darrell Jaggers, 196 ASHC

The Day Colin Powell Should Have Listened to Shark 4 by J.C. Pennington, 174th AHC

Unit Histories

A Company 501st Battalion July 1965

2nd Squadron (Airmobile) 17th Cavalry 1968

C Battery 4th Battalion (ARA) 77th Artillery 1969

D Troop 17th U.S. Cavalry, The Shield of Deterrence, 1972-1973

HHC 1 BDE 101 ABN Aviation Section Mini-History

17th Combat Aviation Group 1969

25th Aviation Battalion 25th Infantry Division 1966

48th Assault Helicopter Company 1965-1970

46th Special Forces Company (includes 7th Airlift Platoon and 70th Aviation Detachment) April 1967-April 1974

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion 1965 part 1

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion 1965 part 2

61st Assault Helicopter Company 1967

68th Assault Helicopter Company 1964-1965 part 1

68th Assault Helicopter Company 1964-1965 part 2

68th Assault Helicopter Company 1965

68th Assault Helicopter Company 1966

68th Assault Helicopter Company 1968

92nd Assault Helicopter Company 1967 - 1968

92nd Assault Helicopter Company 1969

92nd Assault Helicopter Company 1970

92nd Assault Helicopter Company 1971

6th Aviation Platoon 1964

Headquarters Troop 7th Armored Squadron 17th Air Calvary April 1967-December 1968

C Troop 7th Squadron 17th Air Calvary October 1967-December 1968

10th Combat Aviation Battalion 1968-1970 part 1

10th Combat Aviation Battalion 1968-1970 part 2

13th Aviation Battalion 1964

116th Assault Helicopter Company 1966 part 1

116th Assault Helicopter Company 1966 part 2

116th Assault Helicopter Company January-March 1967

117th Assault Helicopter Company 1966

118th Assault Helicopter Company 1967

119th Assault Helicopter Company 1963

119th Assault Helicopter Company 1964

119th Assault Helicopter Company 1965

119th Assault Helicopter Company 1966

119th Assault Helicopter Company 1967

119th Assault Helicopter Company 1968

129th Assault Helicopter Company 1966

129th Assault Helicopter Company January-June 1967

129th Assault Helicopter Company 1968

129th Assault Helicopter Company 1970

134th Assault Helicopter Company 1963 - 1971

135th Assault Helicopter Company 1968

155th Assault Helicopter Company 1965

155th Assault Helicopter Company 1966

155th Assault Helicopter Company 1967

155th Assault Helicopter Company 1968

155th Assault Helicopter Company 1969

155th Assault Helicopter Company 1970

161th Assault Helicopter Company 1965-1966

162nd Assault Helicopter Company April - June 1966

162nd Assault Helicopter Company April - June 1967

162nd Assault Helicopter Company January - March 1968

162nd Assault Helicopter Company History by Stan Gause

162 AHC videos:

162nd AHC 1965 - 1972 Expanded History by Stan Gause

162nd Assault Helicopter Company April - June 1968

170th Assault Helicopter Company 1966

170th Assault Helicopter Company 1967

170th Assault Helicopter company 1969

173rd Assault Helicopter Company 1966

173rd Assault Helicopter Company 1967

173rd Assault Helicopter Company 1969

175th Assault Helicopter Company 1967

178th Assault Support Helicopter Company 1966

178th Assault Support Helicopter Company 1967

134th Assault Helicopter Company 1963-1971

180th Assault Support Helicopter Company 1965-1967

187th Assault Helicopter Company 1967

187th Assault Helicopter Company 1967-1968

187th Assault Helicopter Company 1969

187th Assault Helicopter Company 1970

187th Assault Helicopter Company 1971

187th Assault Helicopter Company 1972

189th Assault Helicopter Company 1966-1967

191st Assault Helicopter Company December 1966-June 1968

191st Assault Helicopter Company August 1968

191st Assault Helicopter Company July - December 1968

192nd Assault Helicopter Company 1968

196th Assault Support Helicopter Company by Darrell Jaggers

201st Assault Helicopter Company 1968

213th Aviation Company (ASHC) History 1 April 1969 - 30 June 1969 by James S. Purnell

227th Assault Helicopter Battalion June-December 1965

227th Assault Helicopter Battalion 1966

227th Assault Helicopter Battalion 1967

281st Assault Helicopter Company 1965-1966

281st Assault Helicopter Company 1967

281st Assault Helicopter Company 29-30 March 1968

281st Assault Helicopter Company 1968

282nd Assault Helicopter Company 1965-1966

282nd Assault Helicopter Company 1967

282nd Assault Helicopter Company 1968

335th Asssult Helicopter Company 1966 part 1

335th Assault Helicopter Company 1966 part 2

336th Assault Helicopter Company 1967

339th Transportation Company 1964

Operational Reports on Lessons Learned

11th Combat Aviation Battalion January-April 1966

16th Combat Aviation Group April-July 1968

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion August, September, October 1967 part 1

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion August, September, October 1967 part 2

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion 25 October - 30 November 1967

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion November, December 1967, January 1968

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion February, March, April 1968 part 1

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion February, March, April 1968 part 2

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion May-July 1968 part 1

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion May-July 1968 part 2

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion November - January 1969

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion May - July 1969

52nd Combat Aviation Battalion October 1969

269th Combat Aviation Battalion May-July 1967

269th Combat Aviation Battalion August-October 1967 part 1

269th Combat Aviation Battalion August-October 1967 part 2

269th Combat Aviation Battalion November 1967-January 1968

269th Combat Aviation Battalion February - April 1968

308th Combat Aviation Battalion January - April 1968

Submit your War Story HERE. or send them as an e-mail attachment to the webmaster.

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