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VHPA Scholarships

Please note we have updated the VHPA Policy on Donation or Endorsement Requests.

Since 2000, all VHPA Scholarships are administered for the VHPA by the AAAA (Army Aviation Association of America) Scholarship Foundation. All VHPA scholarships are open only to the children and grandchildren of VHPA members in good standing currently or at their death.  The only exceptions are if the father or grandfather flew helicopters in Vietnam and was killed in action in Vietnam or was killed while on active duty prior to the beginning of the VHPA in 1983.

Because the VHPA scholarships are administer by the AAAA, all applicants must abide by the rules of the AAAA Scholarship Foundation.  One of the rules required by AAAA is that each applicant, must be a member of the AAAA. This means either the VHPA father (or grandfather, in the case of VHPA), or the student applying, must be a AAAA member. However, the time period of one year is waived for VHPA children/grandchildren and they only have to be a member at time of scholarship application. In most cases the purchase of a Student Membership in AAAA is the least expensive way to go.

To find out exactly how to apply, go to the AAAA web site at: http://www.quad-a.org/index.php/scholarships/application-procedure  There you will find all the requirements and details of how applications must be submitted.   

The VHPA has endowed funds within the AAAA Scholarship Foundation to provide 5 individual $1,000 Scholarships. (In 2015 and 2016 the VHPA awarded five $3,000 scholarships by supplementing the endowed funds).  Also, it is useful to know that even if a student applies for a VHPA scholarship, and does not receive one, they are STILL eligible to receive one of the other 250 plus scholarships awarded each year by the AAAA Scholarship Foundation!  This is a very large plus for all eligible applicants for the VHPA scholarships.  In other words, if a student does not receive a VHPA Scholarship, they still would be eligible to receive a AAAA Scholarship.

Good Luck and apply early,

Tom Payne
Mike Sheuerman

VHPA Scholarship Committee  

Past Scholarship Recipients

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