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The VHPA publishes six newsletters, a membership directory and a calendar each year and periodically publishes historical reference directories and CD-ROMs.
Newsletters are included with VHPA membership and are available to non-members with a $36/year subscription.  (Three years for $99)

Products for sale. Past newsletters, bumper stickers, historical reference directories, calendars, past membership directories, and interactive Vietnam Helicopter History CD-ROM are available for sale from HQ at 800-505-VHPA (800-505-8472) or online at Products for sale.  VHPA calendars can be ordered from Acclaim Press, PO Box 238, Morley, MO 63767 or call and 1-877-427-2665.  17x11-inch Full-Color format. Each month shows a different Vietnam era helicopter.  To order calendars online go to and search on VHPA.

Help file for the Vietnam Helicopter History CD-ROM user feedback

Each year a new membership directory is published and available for purchase by dues-current members. In addition to having updated membership information, it focuses on a particular helicopter related theme; 2001's directory theme was units in III Corps, 2000's was history of northern I Corps, 1999's was history of the 1972 Easter Offensive, 1993's directory theme was Dustoff, 1995's was tandem rotor helicopters, etc................................ The Historical Reference Directory and CD-ROM project seeks to provide a comprehensive reference publication that will consolidate the vast collection of VHPA data, stories, records, rosters, and other related materials into a usable and updatable format. Volume I covers the years through 1965, Volume II the years 1966 and 1967, The Vietnam Helicopter History Interactive CD-ROM includes the histories of 12,000 helicopters plus much move. ............ Buy past directories and CD-ROM.

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* Note:  The Online Membership Directory is now updated each business day at noon central time.  During that 30 minutes or so the directory is offline so it is not available for use during the update.
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