Units with Helicopters in the Vietnam War

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Patches and unit insignia

Major Commands
MAAG Vietnam
MAAG Cambodia
MAAG Thailand
Advanced Research Project Agency
Civil Opns & Rural Development Supt
Field Force Vietnam
I Field Force Vietnam
II Field Force Vietnam Artillery
5th Army Special Forces Group
46th Army Special Forces Aviation Co
HQ 1st Air Cav Div
Supt Cmd 1st Air Cav Div
1st Bde 1st Air Cav Flying Circus
2d Bde 1st Air Cav
3d Bde 1st Air Cav
Task Force Garry Owen
9th Air Cav Bde (Prov) 1st Cav
Div Arty 1st Cav
Div Support Command 1 Cav
? unit 1st Air Cav
HQ 1st Inf Div
1st Bde 1st Inf
2d Bde 1st Inf
3d Bde 1st Inf
Div Arty 1st Inf
? unit 1st Inf The Big Red One
HQ 4th Inf Div
1st Bde 4th Inf
HQ 1st Bde 4th Inf
2d Bde 4th Inf
3d Bde 4th Inf Aloha Airlines
Div Arty 4th Inf
? unit 4th Inf
HQ 1st Bde 5th Mech Inf Batman
1st Bde 5th Mech Inf
1st Bde 5th Mech Inf
1st Bde 5th Mech Inf
HQ 9th Inf Div
1st Bde 9th Inf
2d Bde 9th Inf
3d Bde 9th Inf
Div Arty 9th Inf
? unit 9th Inf
HQ 23d Inf Div (Americal)
11th Inf Bde
196th Inf Bde
198th Inf Bde
Div Arty 23rd Inf
? unit 23d Inf
HQ 25th Inf Div
1st Bde 25th Inf
2d Bde 25th Inf
3d Bde 25th Inf
Div Arty 25th Inf
? unit 25th Inf
1st Bde 82d Abn
HQ 3d Bde 82d Abn
3d Bde 82d Abn
HQ 101st Abn Div
1st Bde 101st Abn
2d Bde 101st Abn
3d Bde 101 Abn
Div Arty 101st Abn
? unit 101st Abn Screaming Eagle
173d Abn Bde
199th Inf Bde
509th ASA Group

Artillery Units
23d Arty Grp
41st Arty Grp
52d Arty Grp
54th Arty Grp
97th Arty Grp
108th Arty Grp
8th Bn 4th Arty
3d Bn 6th Arty
7th Bn 8th Arty
7th Bn 9th Arty
2d Bn 11th Arty
2d Bn 12th Arty
2d Bn 13th Arty
7th Bn 13th Arty
6th Bn 14th Arty
7th Bn 15th Arty
2d Bn 17th Arty
3d Bn 18th Arty
HHB 2d Bn 20th Arty (ARA)
A Bty 2d Bn 20th Arty (ARA)
B Bty 2d Bn 20th Arty (ARA)
C Bty 2d Bn 20th Arty (ARA)
2d Bn 20th Arty (ARA)
5th Bn 22d Arty
1st Bn 27th Arty
5th Bn 27th Arty
6th Bn 27th Arty
HHB 1st Bn 30th Arty
2d Bn 32d Arty
6th Bn 32d Arty
6th Bn 33d Arty
2d Bn 35th Arty
1st Bn 39th Arty
1st Bn 40th Arty
5th Bn 42d Arty
HHB 4th Bn 77th Arty (ARA)
A Bty 4th Bn 77th Arty (ARA) Dragon
B Bty 4th Bn 77th Arty (ARA)
C Bty 4th Bn 77th Arty (ARA)
4th Bn 77th Arty (ARA)
F Bty 77th Arty (ARA)
F Bty 79th Arty (ARA)
E Bty 82d Arty
1st Bn 83 Arty
6th Bn 84th Arty
1st Bn 92d Arty
2nd Bn 94th Arty
2d Bn 138th Arty
3d Bn 197th Arty
A Bty 377 Arty

Aviation Units
HQ 1st Avn Bde
Army Concept Team In Vietnam
11th Combat Avn Grp
12th Combat Avn Grp Black Jack
16th Combat Avn Grp
17th Combat Avn Grp
101st Combat Avn Grp
160th Combat Avn Grp
164th Combat Avn Grp
165th Combat Avn Grp
Delta Combat Avn Grp
Falcon Combat Avn Grp
US Army Combat Avn Grp (PROV)
US Army Combat Avn Grp
HHC 1st Avn 1st Inf
A Co 1st Avn 1st Inf Stagecoach, Falcon
B Co 1st Avn 1st Inf
1st Avn 1st Inf
HHC 4th Avn 4th Inf
A Co 4th Avn 4th Inf
B Co 4th Avn 4th Inf
4th Avn 4th Inf
HHC 9th Avn 9th Inf
A Co 9th Avn 9th Inf
B Co 9th Avn 9th Inf
9th Avn 9th Inf
10th Combat Avn Bn
11th Combat Avn Bn Red Dog
13th Combat Avn Bn
14th Combat Avn Bn
HHC 25th Avn 25th Inf
A Co 25th Avn 25th Inf
B Co 25th Avn 25th Inf
25th Avn 25th Inf Little Bear, Diamondhead
52d Combat Avn Bn Flying Dragon
58th Combat Avn Bn
HHC 101st Avn (AH) 101st Abn
A Co 101st Avn (AH) 101st Abn Comanchero, Warrior, T-Bird
B Co 101st Avn (AH) 101st Abn Kingsmen
C Co 101st Avn (AH) 101st Abn Black Widow, Spider
D Co 101st Avn (AW) 101st Abn Hawk
101st Avn (AH) 101st Abn
HHC 123d Avn 23d Inf
A Co 123d Avn 23d Inf
B Co 123d Avn 23d Inf Warlord
123d Avn 23d Inf
125th ATC Bn
A Co 125th ATC Bn
B Co 125th ATC Bn
C Co 125th ATC Bn
D Co 125th ATC Bn
145th Combat Avn Bn
145th Airlift Platoon
HHC 158th Avn 101st Abn
A Co 158th Avn (AH) 101st Abn Ghost Rider
B Co 158th Avn (AH) 101st Abn Lancer
C Co 158th Avn (AH) 101st Abn Phoenix
D Co 158th Avn (AW) 101st Abn
158th Avn 101st Abn
HHC 159th ASHB 101st Abn
A Co 159th ASHB 101st Abn
B Co 159th ASHB 101st Abn Varsity, Geronimo
C Co 159th ASHB 101st Abn
159th ASHB 101st Abn
210th Combat Avn Bn
212th Combat Avn Bn
214th Combat Avn Bn
222d Combat Avn Bn
223d Combat Avn Bn
224th Avn (ASA) Bn
110th Avn Co (Aerial Wpns) 1st Cav
131st Avn Co (Aerial Wpns) 1st Cav
132d Avn (ASHC) Co 1st Cav
194th Avn (ASHC) Co 1st Cav
202d Avn (ASHC) Co 1st Cav
A Co 4th Avn Bn (Aslt Helo) 1st Cav
Avn Co 6th SF Group (Aslt Helo) 1st Cav
Avn Co 7th SF Group (Aslt Helo) 1st Cav
HHC 227th Avn (AH) 1st Cav
A Co 227th Avn (AH) 1st Cav Chickenman
B Co 227th Avn (AH) 1st Cav
C Co 227th Avn (AH) 1st Cav
D Co 227th Avn (AW) 1st Cav
D Co 227th Avn 10th Aviation Battalion
227th Avn (AHB) 1st Cav Varsity
HHC 228th Avn (ASH) 1 Cav
A Co 228th Avn (ASH) 1st Cav
A Co 228th Avn (ASH) 1st Avn Bde
133rd ASHC 1st Cav
B Co 228th Avn (ASH) 1st Cav
C Co 228th Avn (ASH) 1st Cav
228th Avn (ASHB) 1st Cav Winged Warrior, Guns A Go-Go
HHC 229th Avn (AH) 1st Cav
A Co 229th Avn (AH) 1st Cav
A Co 5th Avn Bn (Aslt Helo) 1st Cav
B Co 229th Avn (AH) 1st Cav
C Co 229th Avn (AH) 1st Cav
D Co 229th Avn (AW) 1st Cav Smiling Tiger
229th Avn (AHB) 1st Cav Winged Assault
268th Combat Avn Bn
269th Combat Avn Bn
HHC 307th Combat Avn Bn
A Co 307th Avn Bn (ATC)
B Co 307th Avn Bn (ATC)
C Co 307th Avn Bn (ATC)
D Co 307th Avn Bn (ATC)
308th Combat Avn Bn
Buffalo Combat Avn Bn
Capital Combat Avn Bn
Delta Combat Avn Bn
Eagle Combat Avn Bn
I Corps Combat Avn Bn
Phantom Combat Avn Bn
1st Avn (ASA) Co
1st Avn Det (Armed) Guns A Go-Go
1st Combat Aerial TOW Team
2nd Combat Aerial TOW Team
2nd Platoon 171 Avn Co
3d Avn (AHC) Co Chickenhawk
5th Avn Det
5th Air Lift Platoon
6th Air Lift Platoon
7th Air Lift Platoon
7th Avn (RR) Co
8th Radio Research Unit
11th Avn (GS) 1st Cav
17th Avn (AM) Co Kingsman, Lancer
18th Avn (UAC) Co
Delta Region Avn Co
18th Avn (CAC) Co Green Delta
19th AH Platoon
21st Avn (RAC) Co
23rd Special Warfare Avn Det
25th Avn (CAC) Co Red Carpet
48th Avn (AHC) Co Bluestar, Joker
54th Avn (UAC) Co
2nd Aviation Bn 54th Avn (UAC) Co
57th Avn (AHC) Co Gladiator, Cougar
58th Avn Det
59th Avn (AHC) Co Destroyer
60th Avn (AHC) Co Ghost Rider
61st Avn (AHC) Co Lucky Star, StarBlazer
62d Avn (CAC) Co Royal Coachman
68th Avn (ASHC / AHC) Co Top Tiger, Mustang, Raiders
70th Avn Det
71st Avn (AHC) Co Rattler, Firebird
73d Avn (SAC) Co
74th Avn (RAC) Co
92d Avn (AHC) Co Stallion, Sidekick
114th Avn (AHC) Co
116th Avn (AHC) Co Hornet, Stinger
117th Avn (AHC) Co Beachbum, Warlord, Sidewinder, Tailor Made
118th Avn (AHC) Co Thunderbird, Bandit
119th Avn (AHC) Co Gator, Crocodile
120th Avn (AHC) Co Dean, Razorback
121st Avn (AHC) Co Tiger, Viking
128th Avn (AHC) Co Tomahawk, Gunslinger
129th Avn (AHC) Co Bulldog, Cobra
131st Avn (SAC) Co
132d Avn (ASHC) Co Hercules
134th Avn (AHC) Co Demon, Devil
134th Avn (AM-FW) Co Delta Rider
135th Avn (AHC) Co EMU, Taipan
138th Avn (RR) Co
144th Avn (RR) Co
145th Airlift Platoon
146th Avn (RR) Co
147th Anv (ASHC) Co Hillclimber
155th Avn (AHC) Co Stagecoach, Falcon
156th Avn (RR) Co LonelyRinger
161st Avn (AHC) Co Pelican, Scorpion
162d Avn (AHC) Co Vulture, Copperhead
163d Avn (GS) 101st Abn
170th Avn (AHC) Co Bikini, Buccaneer
171st Avn (AL) Co
172nd Avn (AL) Co
173d Avn (AHC) Co Robin Hood, Crossbow
174th Avn (AHC) Co Dolphin, Shark
175th Avn (AHC) Co Outlaw, Maverick
176th Avn (AHC) Co Minuteman, Musket
178th Avn (ASHC) Co Boxcar, Herclues
179th Avn (ASHC) Co Shrimpboat
180th Avn (ASHC) Co Big Windy
183d Avn (RAC) Co
184th Avn (RAC) Co
185th Avn (RAC) Co
187th Avn (AHC) Co Crusader, Ratpack
188th Avn (AHC) Co Black Widow, Spider
189th Avn (AHC) Co Ghost Rider, Avenger
190th Avn (AHC) Co Spartan, Gladiator
191st Avn (AHC) Co Boomerang, Bounty Hunter
192d Avn (AHC) Co Polecat, TigerShark
195th Avn (AHC) Co Skychief, Thunderchicken, Ghost Rider, Sky Pilot
196th Avn (ASHC) Co Flipper
197th Avn (AHC) Co Gunbuster, Playboy
199th Avn (RAC) Co
200th Avn (ASHC) Co Pachyderm
201st Avn (CAC) Co Red Baron
203d Avn (ASHC) Co Wildcat
205th Avn (ASHC) Co Geronimo
213th Avn (ASHC) Co Blackcat
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219th Avn (RAC) Co
220th Avn (RAC) Co
221st Avn (RAC) Co
225th Avn (SAC) Co
235th Avn (AWC) Co Delta Devil, Viper
238th Avn (AWC) Co Gunrunner
240th Avn (AHC) Co Greyhounds, Maddog, Kennel Keeper
242d Avn (ASHC) Co Muleskinner
243d Avn (ASHC) Co Freight Train
244th Avn (AHC) Co
245th Avn (SAC) Co
271st Avn (ASHC) Co Innkeeper, Bartenders
272d Avn (ASHC) Co Varsity, Geronimo
273d Avn (HHC) Co Super Hook
281st Avn (AHC) Co Intruder, Rat Pack, Bandit, Wolf Pack
282d Avn (AHC) Co Blackcat, Alleycat
312th Avn Det
313th Avn Det
314th Avn Det
315th Avn Det
316th Avn Det
317th Avn Det
318th Avn Det
319th Avn Det
320th Avn Det
321st Avn Det
322d Avn Det
323d Avn Det
324th Avn Det
325th Avn Det
326th Avn Det
327th Avn Det
334th Avn (AWC) Co Playboy, Saber
335th Assault Hel Co Cowboy, Falcon, Casper
336th Avn (AHC) Co Warrior, T-Bird
338th Avn Det
339th Avn Det
340th Avn Det
341st Avn Det
342d Avn Det
343d Avn Det
344th Avn Det
345th Avn Det
346th Avn Det
347th Avn Det
348th Avn Det
355th Avn (HHC) Co Work Horse
358th Avn Det
361st Avn Det
361st Avn (ES) Co Pink Panther
362d Avn (ASHC) Co Fly United
371st Army Security Agency (ASA) Co
478th Avn (HHC) Co Hurricane
A Co 5th Avn (AM) 5th Inf
A Co 82d Avn (AM) Cowboy, Falcon
A Co 501st Avn (AM) Rattler, Firebird
A Co 502nd Avn (AM) Outlaw, Maverick
Command Avn Co
I Corps Avn Co (Prov)
International Control Commission
Joint Military Cmd
Project 404
USARV Flight Det
USARV Flight Standards
Utility Tactical Transport Co
DECCA Navigation
USARV Transportation Detachment
An Khe Airfield Command
Lane Airfield Command
Tuy Hoa Airfield Command
Vung Tau Airfield Command

Cavalry Units
D Trp 1st Sqdn 1st Cav Saber Shaker
HHT 2d Sqdn 1st Cav
D Trp 2d Sqdn 1st Cav
2d Sqdn 1st Cav
HHT 7th Sqdn 1st Cav Black Hawk
A Trp 7th Sqdn 1st Cav Apache
B Trp 7th Sqdn 1st Cav Dutchmaster
C Trp 7th Sqdn 1st Cav Commanche
7th Sqdn 1st Cav Black Hawk
D Trp 1st Sqdn 4th Cav Darkhorse
1st Sqdn 4th Cav
F Trp 4th Cav Centaur
HHT 3d Sqdn 4th Cav
D Trp 3d Sqdn 4th Cav Centaur
3d Sqdn 4th Cav
HHT 3d Sqdn 5th Cav
D Trp 3d Sqdn 5th Cav Lighthorse
F Trp 8th Cav Blue Ghost
HHT 1st Sqdn 9th Cav Light Horse
A Trp 1st Sqdn 9th Cav Headhunter
B Trp 1st Sqdn 9th Cav Flashing Sab
C Trp 1st Sqdn 9th Cav Dashing Cava
E Trp 1st Sqdn 9th Cav (Prov)
F Trp 1st Sqdn 9th Cav (Prov)
1st Sqdn 9th Cav Bullwhip
F Trp 9th Cav or H Trp 16th Cav
F Trp 9th Cav or H Trp 16th Cav Scout, Saber
D Trp 1st Sqdn 10th Cav Shamrock
H Trp 10th Cav Scalphunter
HHT 11th Arm Cav
HHT 1st Sqdn 11th Arm Cav
HHT 2d Sqdn 11th Arm Cav
HHT 3d Sqdn 11th Arm Cav
Air Cav Trp 11th Arm Cav Thunderhorse
11th Arm Cav
C Trp 16th Cav Darkhorse
D Trp 17th Cav
H Trp 17th Cav
K Trp 17th Cav
C Trp 1st Sqdn 17th Cav
HHT 2d Sqdn 17th Cav
A Trp 2d Sqdn 17th Cav Assault
B Trp 2d Sqdn 17th Cav Banshee
C Trp 2d Sqdn 17th Cav Condor
E Trp 2d Sqdn 17th Cav
F Trp 2d Sqdn 17th Cav
2d Sqdn 17th Cav
HHT 3d Sqdn 17th Cav Red Horse
A Trp 3d Sqdn 17th Cav Silver Spur
B Trp 3d Sqdn 17th Cav Burning Stogie
C Trp 3rd Sqdn 17th Cav Long Knife, Charlie Horse
D Trp 3rd Sqdn 17th Cav
E Trp 3d Sqdn 17th Cav (Prov)
3d Sqdn 17th Cav Red Horse
HHT 7th Sqdn 17th Cav Ruthless Rider
A Trp 7th Sqdn 17th Cav Ruthless Rider, Ruthless Alpha
B Trp 7th Sqdn 17th Cav Ruthless Rider, Ruthless Bravo
C Trp 7th Sqdn 17th Cav Ruthless Rider, Ruthless Charlie
7th Sqdn 17th Cav Ruthless Rider

Engineer Units
18th Eng Bde
20th Eng Bde
34th Eng Grp
35th Eng Grp
45th Eng Grp
79th Eng Grp
159th Eng Grp
326th Eng 101st Abn
921st Eng Grp
937th Eng Grp

Medical Air Ambulance Units
44th Med Bde
USARV Health Svs Grp
43d Med Grp
55th Med Grp
67th Med Grp
68th Med Grp
15th Med 1st Cav Medevac
45th Med Co
50th Med Det
54th Med Det
57th Med Det
68th Med (HA) Det
82d Med Det Dustoff
159th Med Det Dustoff
236th Med (HA) Det
237th Med (HA) Det DMZ Dustoff
247th Med (HA) Det
254th Med (HA) Det
283d Med (HA) Det
326th Med 101st Abn
436th Med Co
498th Med Co Dustoff
571st Med Det
? Med unit

Military Intelligence, Signal and Logistics Units
1st Mil Intl Bn
18th Mil Intl Grp
131st Mil Intl Grp
525th Mil Intl Grp
10th Psycholgical Ops Bn
Strategic Comm Cmd
1st Sig Bde
2d Sig Grp
12th Sig Grp
21st Sig Grp
37th Sig Bn
39th Sig Bn
41st Sig Bn
54th Sig Bn
73d Sig Bn
1st Log Cmd

Aviation Maintenance, Transportation and Support Units
34th Gen Sup Grp
Aviation Material Management Center
1st Trans Bn (CC Bay)
4th Trans Cmnd
HHC 5th Trans Bn 101 ABN
A Co 5th Trans Bn 101 ABN
B Co 5th Trans Bn 101 ABN
C Co 5th Trans Bn 101 ABN
5th Trans Bn 101 ABN
8th Trans (LH) Co Greta Green
14th Trans (AMS) Bn The Reliables
USARV Support Command
HHC 15th Trans 1st Cav
A Co 15th Trans 1st Cav
B Co 15th Trans 1st Cav
C Co 15th Trans 1st Cav
D Co 15th Trans 1st Cav
15th Trans 1st Cav
16th Trans Det (AB)
19th Trans Co Big Daddy
20th Trans (ADS) Co
33rd Trans (LH) Co Thunderbird
39th Trans Det (KD)
40th Trans Det (KD)
45th Trans Bn
51st Trans Det (KD)
56th Trans (ADS) Co
57th Trans (LH) Co
58th Trans (AMS) Bn
79th Trans (ADS) Co
80th Trans Det (KD)
81st Trans (LH) Co
93rd Trans (LH) Co
98th Trans Det (KD)
110th Trans (Depot) Co
129th Maint Co
140th Trans Det (KD)
142d Trans (AMDS) Co
150th Trans Det (KD)
151st Trans Det (KD)
165th Trans (ADS) Co
165th Trans Det (KD)
166th Avn Maint Det
166th Trans Det (KD)
167th Trans Det (KD)
171st Trans Det (AB)
241st Trans (Depot) Co
255th Trans Det (KD)
256th Trans Det (KD)
303d Trans (AMGS) Co
327th Trans Det (AB)
329th Trans Det (AB)
330th Trans (AGS) Co
331st Trans Det
332d Trans Det
333rd Trans Det
335th Trans (ADS) Co
339th Trans (ADS) Co Always in good hands
344th Trans (ADS) Co
357th Trans (AMDS) Co
361st Trans Det (AB)
362d Trans Det (AB)
369th Trans Det (KD)
370th Trans Det (KD)
371st Trans Det (KD)
382d Trans Det (JE)
388th Trans (ADS) Co
388th Tran Det (KD)
390th Trans Det (KD)
391st Trans Det (KD)
392d Trans Det
393d Trans Det
394th Trans Det
398th Trans Det
400th Trans Det (AB)
402d Trans Det (AB)
403d Trans Det (AB)
405th Trans Det (KD)
406th Trans Det (KD)
407th Trans Det (KD)
408th Trans Det (KD)
409th Trans Det (KD)
410th Trans Det (KD)
411th Trans Det (KD)
412th Trans Det (KD)
448th Trans Det
483d Trans Det
484th Trans Det
499th Trans Det
520th Trans Bn
539th Trans Co
540th Trans Co
544th Trans Det
545th Trans Det
551st Trans Det
564th Trans Det (DS)
568th Trans Det (KD)
569th Trans Det
570th Trans Det (KD)
571st Trans Det (KD)
573d Trans Det (KD)
574th Trans Det
575th Trans Det
576th Trans Det (KD)
602d Trans Det (KD)
603d Trans Det (KD)
604th Trans (ADS) Co
604th Trans Det (KD)
605th Trans (ADS) Co
605th Trans Det (KD)
606th Trans Det (KD)
607th Trans Det (KD)
608th Trans (ADS) Co
608th Trans Det (KD)
609th Trans Det (KD)
610th Trans (AMGS) Co Fast and Sure
610th Trans Det (AB)
611st Trans (ADS) Co
611st Trans Det (AB)
612st Trans Det (AB)
613th Trans Det (KD)
614th Trans Det (KD)
615th Trans Det (KD)
616th Trans Det (KD)
617th Trans Det (KD)
618th Trans Det (KD)
619th Trans Det (KD)
620th Trans Det (AB)
621st Trans Det (AB)
650th Trans Det (KD)
662d Trans Det (JE)
665th Trans Det (KD)
E Co 701st Maint 1st Inf
E Co 704th Maint 4th Inf
B Co 709th Maint 9th Inf
E Co 709th Maint 9th Inf
E Co 723d Maint 23d Inf
HHC 725th Maint 25th Inf
E Co 725th Maint 25th Inf
A Co 728 Maint
765th Trans (AMS) Bn
B Co 801st Maint 101st Abn
Aviation Electronics Co Central
Aviation Electronics Co North

U.S. Air Force Units
7th Air Force
14th Special Opns Wing
20th Helicopter Squadron
20th Special Opns Sqdn
21st Helicopter Squadron
21st Special Opns Sqdn
3d Air Rescue and Recovery Grp
31st Air Rescue & Recoversy Sqdn
33d Air Rescue & Recoversy Sqdn
37th Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn
38th Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn
39th Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn
40th Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn
41st Air Rescue & Recovery Wing
43d Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn
56th Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn
56th Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn
Air Rescue & Recovery Service
Pacific ARC
Western Air Rescue Center
Central Air Rescue Center
917th Flight Training Detachment
350th Strategic Recon Sqdn
606th Air Commando Sqdn

U.S. Marine Corps Units
1st Marine Air Wing
1st Marine Air Wing
HMM-165 White Knight
HMM-361 Flying Tiger
HMH-361 Flying Tiger
HMM-362 Ugly Angel
H&MS-39 (PROV)
VMO-2 Deadlock, Hostage, Cowpoke
VMO-6 Klondike

U.S. Navy Units
HA(L)-3 Seawolve
Helo Combat Support Sqdn 7 Seadevil
Helicopter Utility Squadron One
NAF Cam Ranh Bay
Seal Team 1
Search & Air Rescue
USS America (CVA-66)
USS Bennington (CVS-20)
USS Camden (AOE-2)
USS Cleveland (LPD-7)
USS Constellation (CVA-64)
USS Denver (LPD-9)
USS Dubuque (LPD-8)
USS Duluth (LPD-6)
USS Enterprise (CVAN-65)
USS Hancock (CVA-19)
USS Homme Richard (CVA-31)
USS Hornet
USS Independence
USS Intrepid
USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2)
USS Juneau
USS Kearsarge (CVS-33)
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
Battleship New Jersey (BB-62)
USS New Orleans (LPH-11)
USS Okinawa (LPH-3)
USS Oklahoma City
USS Oriskany (CVA-34)
USS Princeton
USS Ranger (CVA-61)
USS Reasoner
USS Repose
USS Santa Barbara
USS Tortuga
USS Tripoli (LPH-10)
USS Valley Forge
USS Vancouver (LPD-2)
USS Westchester

Australian, Korean, Laos, Phiippines and Thailand Helicopter Units
9 Sqdn Australian
161 Indep Recon Flight
White Horse Project

South Vietnam Air Force Helicopter Units
VNAF Advisory Team (AFAT)
1st Air Div VNAF
1st Sqnd VNAF
2d Sqdn VNAF
64th Tac Wing VNAF
72d Tac Wing VNAF
211st Sqdn VNAF
213d Sqdn VNAF
215th Sqdn VNAF
217th Sqdn VNAF
219th Sqdn VNAF
221st Sqdn VNAF
223d Sqdn VNAF
225th Sqdn VNAF
227th Sqdn VNAF
229th Sqdn VNAF
231st Sqdn VNAF
233d Sqdn VNAF
235th Sqdn VNAF
237th Sqdn VNAF
239th Sqdn VNAF
241st Sqdn VNAF
243d Sqdn VNAF
245th Sqdn VNAF
247th Sqdn VNAF
249th Sqdn VNAF
251st Sqnd VNAF
253d Sqdn VNAF
255th Sqdn VNAF
257th Sqdn VNAF
259th Sqdn VNAF
920th Sqdn VNAF
VNAF Air Support Operations Center
? VNAF unit

Civilian Helicopter Organizations
Air America
Bird Air
Arizona Helicopters
Continental Air Service
Air Vietnam
Air Ventures
Bell Helicopter
Boeing Aircraft

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