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VHPA Policy on Donation or Endorsement Requests

From time to time, individuals and organizations have solicited the VHPA to endorse their projects or efforts, or to seek a donation from the VHPA. This could easily set a precedent difficult to manage, the proverbial slippery slope, in that if we endorse or donate to one group, why not the others? And who is to decide which organizations and which causes are worthy? The VHPA needs to be guided by its fundamental and long-standing philosophy of being an apolitical social veteransí organization for the benefit of its members.

Having said that, there have been three notable situations that could be viewed or cited by some as an argument, or, as exceptions to that philosophy or policy:

  • The Arlington National Cemetery VHPA Monument
  • The VHPA Scholarship Fund in partnership with the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA)
  • The Vietnam Center & Archive (VNCA) at Texas Tech University

However, these projects or organizations, and the subsequent donations and endorsements to those projects and organizations, were by VHPA members, or duly appointed VHPA committees, and to the direct benefit or recognition of the VHPA and its members, and therefore not in violation of the VHPA philosophy or this policy. There are many worthy causes and organizations that our individual members may favor or want to contribute to, which is their individual prerogative. Some of those causes and organizations are even Vietnam-related, but the VHPA must be very objectively selective in its choices because it cannot contribute to all of them.

We cannot predict the future. However, there may be circumstances or situations that arise where a future Executive Council of the VHPA may consider certain requests for endorsements or donations. The following shall be the VHPA Policy for such situations:

  1. The VHPA Executive Council must first determine if the request is in keeping with the VHPA philosophy and this policy, and to the direct benefit of the VHPA and its members.
  2. The Executive Council must then perform due diligence regarding the individual or organization making the request to determine both the validity of the request, the organizationís reputation and credibility, and the worthiness of the specific request.
  3. A motion must be made, seconded, and discussed at a VHPA Executive Council Meeting and passed by a majority vote.
  4. There should be either an announcement in an upcoming AVIATOR magazine, or at the next Annual Business Meeting with a vote by the membership as deemed appropriate by the VHPA Executive Council.

Approved by a vote of the VHPA Executive Council April 25, 2022

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