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VHPA Historic Presentations Forum (HPF)

Call for Abstracts

Jim E. Fulbrook, PhD (a.k.a., Snakebite Charlie, 71st AHC, 70-71), VHPA HPF Committee Chair

In many previous reunions, we have offered occasional presentations from invited speakers on topics relevant to VHPA interests. More members now are voicing an interest in our formally organizing a schedule of historic presentations to be given during our annual VHPA reunion.

So, here we are announcing the first ever Call for Abstracts from persons interested in participating as speakers in the VHPA Historic Presentations Forum (HPF). If you are a decent public speaker and would like to be a presenter in our 2006 reunion, in Washington , DC , here are the details. If you are not interested in being a speaker, then this article will let you know what to look forward to as scheduled events at the DC and future reunions.

The Historic Presentations Forum is simple in design and execution. A committee will select abstracts to schedule as presentations included in the reunion program of events. We will provide a suitable room at the reunion and audio-video support as required. Presentations will be scheduled for one hour in length (allow 10 minutes for Q&A and discussion). Anyone registered for the VHPA reunion may attend the HPF presentations at no charge.

We have three categories of topics: 1) Aviation Operations during the Vietnam War, 2) Non-Aviation Operations during the Vietnam War, and 3) 30-minute book author or video producer presentations on Vietnam War topics. Aviation (Helicopter) Operations is self explanatory. Non-aviation operations could include topics such as Special Operations, bogus medal and service claims, USAF bombing operations, ground operations, etc. (topic possibilities are endless). If you have a published book or multimedia presentation (to include artwork) or a complete manuscript, we will organize a forum where each presenter in this category has 30 minutes to discuss his work. For instance, if we have three presenters, a 1.5-hour session will be scheduled, followed by a book signing and meet the authors session for the presenters.

Speakers will not receive payment of any type from the VHPA, but each will receive a videotape of their presentation. Each presenter will be asked to provide a set of PowerPoint slides or a 2-5 page summary of his presentation before the reunion so we have them available. We plan to videotape the talks and collate them into a VHPA Proceedings to be completed after the reunion and made available to members (cost TBD). The presentations will also become part of our historic archive. Presenters may claim copyright restrictions on original text and imagery but they must allow the VHPA to publish the presentation without restriction.

To aid speakers, feedback surveys will be provided for audience comments, if desired. We will also provide a written reference to speakers who wish to market their presentation to other organizations as a professional speaker. Professional speakers’ bureaus, organizations (VFW, American Legion, etc.), and education institutions require references and a track record if you have aspirations of telling your story to more than the VHPA. So, this is a great opportunity to polish your knowledge and experience in a Vietnam War topic that you could market elsewhere.

If you wish to be considered as a speaker, follow the steps provided here (the VHPA website may post these instructions, TBD). You need to complete two things: 1) A cover page of basic information about you and the topic, and 2) an abstract (summary).

The cover page must include the following: name(s) of presenter(s), VHPA affiliation, address and contact information (include e-mail), title of presentation, category talk fits into (aviation, non-aviation, published work), time required, tell us what your media support needs are (a computer projection system is automatic), provide a short biography of presenter(s) (100 words or less, single-spaced), provide a statement (or check box) that you understand that, if scheduled, you will attend reunion and present.

On a separate sheet, provide a one-page abstract or summary of the presentation. For this page, use one inch margins all around, use Arial or Times Font, an 11- or 12-point size, and single or double space text. We’ll be flexible about the abstract this time around, although these instructions are straightforward. The topic and presentation should be informative, entertaining, factual, and appropriate for a family audience.

Please do not exceed the cover page and one-page abstract length. Do not submit a collection of photographs or video and slides, and we do not want the PowerPoint presentation for now. Provide your submission by the deadline date of 28 February 2006. Send your abstract and cover page as electronic documents attached to an e-mail, to Jim Fulbrook at: jfulbrook@cox.net . If you wish to mail your cover page and abstract, send to 3478 Barrister’s Keepe Circle, Fairfax, VA 22031. If you have questions, call Dr. Jim at 703.385.2999.  After the abstract submission deadline, the HPF committee will review submissions and select as many as possible. We will notify submitters ASAP about selection outcome to set a schedule.

For planning purposes, we will need a copy of the intended presentation about one month before the reunion (plan for 1 June). We will load each electronic presentation on a computer the day before it is scheduled, so changes can be made up until the day before presentation if you alter the 1 June submission. If we select and schedule you to present at the reunion, you must make every effort to attend and present, so there are no event cancellations (only death and dismemberment will be acceptable excuses!).

Since this is our first year organizing the HPF, we have no idea how many abstracts we will receive and what attendance to expect, but we will have a room large enough for the audience and we will try to survey reunion registrants to get an idea of how many plan to attend an HPF presentation.  We will be flexible as this evolves, but we believe this will be an invaluable addition to the reunion schedule that will be well attended and well received by members and their families. That’s it – here’s your chance to contribute to our history. Start working on your abstract now! Remember the deadline to submit is 28 February 2006.

You can either print, fill out and mail the information or do it online.
To print
Cover Page for Abstract Submission  To submit online.


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